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Sep 19, 2007 08:44 AM

Le Gigot (brief review)

Last night, I dined at Le Gigot. This restaurant is very small but quaint. The serivce was wonderful in every way. Me and my dining companion sat at the tiny bar as we didn't have a reservation and all tables were occupied and we wanted to eat ASAP. The bar seating was quite pleasant really. I had the crab cake main course ($32) a glass of rose Sancerre ($12) and the apple tart tatin w/vanilla ice cream for dessert. Overall I enjoyed the mean and the service. The only drawbacks would be the small size of the restaurant, it is a tad pricey and the CASH ONLY or AMEX ONLY policy. So, make sure to tell everyone in your party of this policy. I forgot to tell my friend and I had to sit there and wait for her to run to an ATM as I only had enough cash to cover my share of the bill!

In sum, I will return soon, with cash in pocket!

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  1. Thanks! It's one of the places that we've liked in the past but for some reason haven't returned to in a bit. Do you remember what your friend ate? I think I've seen other posts that said that their crabcakes are amazing.

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      My friend had escargot ($14) and crab cake main course ($32) and a wine for $10 (can't recall which). Food doesn't rush out of the kitchen, so be prepared to dine european style, i.e. with conversation and reflection on the days events etc to fill time between courses :)

      The crab cake is a signature and yes, they are amazing.

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        As to the "food doesn't rush out of the kitchen", one of the reasons I haven't been back to Le Gigot (and this goes back at least 5 years) is every time I had been there the service was very rushed. At their price point I didn't care for that aspect much. Perhaps it's time for another chance, since the space is nice and the food was excellent.