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Sep 19, 2007 08:33 AM

125th Madison Ave area Harlem

Hi All, can anyone recomend any good food eats or shopping in the Harlem 125th Street area....?

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  1. If you're willing to go all the way west to the water, there's a few good finds all together. There's a Fairway if you're looking for a great place for food shopping, I used to go down there for prety much everything when I lived up in the 160s. There's Dinosaur BBQ if you like BBQ, one of the better in the city. There's a relatively new place called Hudson River Cafe in the same area, though sorry to say I haven't been so not sure if the food is good at all, but it does have a neat view for drinks, coffee, etc.

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      There is also a Citarella on W. 125th Street, but I've not been to it.

    2. Mobay is a favorite of ours. The jerk chicken is fabulous! It's on 125th just west of 5th.

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        spoonbread.....two is up near harlem hospital, not that far, and the other is down on 110 between columbus and the central park. nice southern food in a cute and charming setting

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          Just wanted to say thanks for this post - we went to Mobays last night after amatuer night at the Apollo and it was great. Atmosphere was perfect, with a live jazz band. The jerk chicken was nice and spicy, fried chicken had a good thick and tasty crust We were given chefs plates of cornbread with apple sauce on top and a raspberry drizzle on the plate that gave me a new perspective on cornbread. Next up is probably Sisters. Thanks again!

        2. A little far afield, but worth the walk - Itzocan - Mexican - but using french techniques and Mexican ingredients. On Lex in the low 100s.

          1. If you like Indian, there's Polash on 3rd Ave between 118th and 119th.

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              Really? Indian in east harlem? Who knew? Here are some picks from the area:
              - Sisters on 124th just east of Madison for jerk chicken
              - jimbo's for a greasy burger (125 just east of madison)
              - juice bar (i forget the name) on 125 between 5th and lenox on south side of street for great vegetarian food
              - charlie's on madison just north of 125 for decent cheap sushi (tiny selection but fresh and does the job when you crave sushi)