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Sep 19, 2007 08:32 AM

Help! Need a business lunch spot in Gardena

Having lunch with a collegue today. We always go to the Paradise Cafe which is not so great in my book. Looking for a nice place for lunch. The person I am haing lunch with doesn't eat sushi (can you imagine?). It would be great if the restaurant was near 190th and Crenshaw or Western.

Thanks for any leads. I don't want to go to the Paradise again!

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  1. The Depot in Torrance is a nicer lunch place, and just a few minutes away - it's near Van Ness (Cabrillo, actually) and Torrance. We've had lots of business lunches and dinners there.

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      Thanks, Chookalish. We are going to check out Depot today. Your post prompted me to search for Depot and found Aoli, too which we will check out next.

      1. re: PlanDan

        Aioli has gone downhill since it was sold a couple years ago- I liked it when it first opened, but the quality has really slipped since the ownership change.

        The original owner of Aioli seems to enjoy the challenge of opening up new restaurants, building it up, then selling it to try a new venture. He opened up Samba in Redondo (which I think has been closed a while since they had a fire).