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Sep 19, 2007 08:16 AM

Holloween themed food

I had a big halloween party last year and cooked tons of food all with halloween themes. ie. "Witches Fingers" - baked halfed jalapenos with a cheese bacon stuffing and an almond sliver on the tip to look like a fingernail. I am looking for creative halloween themed recipes to add to my buffet. They do not necessarily need to be in the fingerfood category. They could be whole meals as well. Thanks for your creativity : )

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  1. Stuffed mushrooms that look like eyeballs? Spaghetti intestines?

    1. Last Halloween I made a "corpse" meatloaf. It was a huge hit! Just formed the meatloaf (your favorite recipe) into a sort of gingerbread man shape, went to town with pimento olives (red eyes), slivered almonds (scarey fingernails), whatever else I could find, and then dribbled ketchup "blood" all over. Not highbrow, but it was delicious and looked great.

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        That's really funny. Did you add the extras before or after it was cooked? Stupid question, but I've never made meatloaf and may need to try this.

        For the OP: I thought there was a thread on this subject from last year, but I can't find it. I suggested buying a brain-shaped mold for a salmon mousse.

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          Even funnier would be if you could stuff the middle part with spaghetti or sausage or something that looks like guts. With lots of tomato sauce, of course.

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            well, I put the "extras" on before cooking, but the almonds got pretty dark. That looked great, but they didn't taste very good. The olives were fine. I don't really remember what else I put on it, I was just going through the kitchen looking for suitable accessories. Yea, adding guts is a good idea. I'll do that this year!

            1. re: Kathleen M

              Depending on the size of this meatloaf man, it would be hilarious to use chicken liver/ heart etc. for his organs. And maybe Udon noodles would make a good large intestine...

              But to offer a less grotesque idea, I saw this adorable idea in a magazine and tried it myself at home, and it was great -- use a bundt pan to make 2 identical pumpkin cakes (I have a pumpkin spice cake recipe I used for this, but you could definitely use a pumpkin bread, zucchini bread etc. recipe). You just turn one cake upside down (dome down) on a serving plate and put the other cake rightside up on top. Voila -- a cake in the shape of a pumpkin! A little vanilla icing over the top dome and some sour apple straws through the middle for the stem... and then of course you can icing-on some jack-o-lantern features if you want. It was really cute.

        2. Deviled eggs that look like eyes (green olives in the middle and slivered roasted peppers to give the eyes a "bloodshot" look). I do breadstick witches fingers - shape the knuckles and draw a knife across to make look like skin and then take slivered almonds and soak in red food coloring w/water overnight - then serve them with "swamp dip" - spinach dip. Have also picked up some new ideas from the new (hate to admit) Martha Stewart Halloween issue - tomato soup with mozzeralla eyeballs (stuffed w/green olives), and other fun themed things! Can't wait to hear what everyone else comes up with! We also picked up on some fun molds for jello (hands, brain) that make a fun centerpiece! There is also a fun red wine out (that's not that bad either) called "Vampire"

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            Whether you do the wine or the punch thing, be sure to get a large "cauldron" (from a party supply store) and put some dry ice in. Makes a great effect, but:
            1. BE CAREFUL!! Dry ice can be dangerous to handle - do not make direct contact with hands. Use mitts.
            2. Don't put it in until people start coming into the party - dry ice effect does not last very long (unless you've bought a large supply to keep refilling).

            1. re: aurora50

              My son's school put gummy worms in the punch cauldron. For grown ups, maybe not.

              1. re: aurora50

                god help me, I will never forget a martha stewart suggestion to freeze ice or punch in a mask and two latex gloves to float a face and hands in the punch bowl...

            2. You could make the Italian cookies, ossi dei morti (bones of the dead), which are shaped like bones. They're made with a variation on meringue, so the texture's pretty bonelike, too. Plus they're deelish.

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              1. re: piccola

                Martha Stewart does a Halloween themed party each year with great recipes for ghoulish foods...
                Tapioca is a great "ghoulish" guts dessert.

              2. My mom makes eyeball punch. I'll ask her, but I think that it is just your favorite red punch recipe with skinned grapes.

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                  We did a veggie tray that looked like a skeleton.