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Sep 19, 2007 07:46 AM

Idea for a Bridal shower for 100 people

I am looking for an interesting place to have a bridal shower for about 100 people in Toronto. Any suggestions?

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  1. Graydon Hall is a nice setting. Especially if it's nice out and you can use the patio.
    Most showers I've been to for that many people are in Italian halls. It's usually the most economical, no fuss, etc.

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      Thanks for the idea the only problem is that Graydon Hall is really expensive....I checked into it and for a Sunday in February they are asking about $125 per person as they are an exclusive venue. I am looking to stay more in the $40 range if possible.

      1. re: simonahenzel

        Ya, that's steep for a bridal shower. Are you adverse to a regular italian hall? It is probably your best bet in that price range. it should be doable for a lunch. the ones that I've been to are mostly north of steeles.

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          I would check out The Great Hall: http://www.thegreathall.ca/gallery.html
          and the Capital Event Theatre 2492 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario - 416-322-3322.
          I was thinking about the Steam Whistle as mentioned below. I've been there for other events, and personally, it would not be my pick for a bridal shower.

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            I am trying to stay away from a hall as our wedding is at one. So I would like more of a cozy friendly restaurant (Italian would be fine) One of the ones Ive looked at is http://www.romanoscuisine.com/ but one of the girls just did hers there so I'm looking for something new.

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                how about Vittorios new location, its a pretty place, and upstairs they have an area for private functions. Im not sure how many it can accomodate, but give Cico a call

                14 Dupont Street, Toronto, ON

        2. Depends on the interests/tastes of the people involved really. If you want to get away from the usual, the Gallery space at Steam Whistle Brewery is a good spot. Beautiful architecture (it's an old roundhouse), used to doing events, could have a brewery tour if you wanted... www.steamwhistle.com

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            Thanks ! I will check into all of those....
            Any suggestion on an Italian restaurant that can hold 100 ppl? Something cozy kinda like http://www.romanoscuisine.com/ . I would have it there but someone already has so we are looking for something new.

          2. Five Doors North is probably the right size to take over. Casual, very open atmosphere. Might fit in with the price you're looking at.

            1. How about a wine bar - eg: Fat Cat on Roncesvalles?

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                I've thought of that too but my mother in law would like to stay north of the 401. :(

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                  the only places north of the 401 that could accomodate would probably be a public country club..unless you want to do a chain restaurant.