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Sep 19, 2007 07:21 AM

Where are the Apples?

Does anyone know where I could get some Honey Crisp Apples or Empire Apples here in the area? I bought a few Honey Crisp at the Penn Quarter Fresh Farm Market last Thursday but they were a little under ripe i thought (may be because of the dry summer). Does anyone have any suggestions where I could get the Honey Crisp or Empire?

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  1. Whie not the specific varieties you mentioned above, Allenberg Orchards has amazing apples (well, amazing anything they grow). Check them out at the Kingstowne market too.

    1. go pick your own!
      homestead farms is close by!

      1. If you get desperate enough to head up to Baltimore, Reid's Orchards has had both of those at the Sunday farmers market in Baltimore for a couple of weeks now. I believe they sell at the Saturday farmers market in Waverly (Baltimore) as well.

        1. Several vendors at the Courthouse market had Honey Crisps last Saturday. The ones I bought from Twin Springs Farm are fantastic. I'm pretty sure I saw Empires there as well.

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            Twin Springs had some amazing ones two weeks ago. I'm hoping they'll have more this weekend. They're an early apple, and I'm so sad when they're gone.

          2. You might find some at Grand Mart, Lotte, etc.