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Sep 19, 2007 06:54 AM

3 days in Madrid/Best seafood

I've got 3 full days in Madrid in October, and don't want to squander a single meal. I've booked three restaurants for lunch, with the goal of sampling the best traditional cusine, modern Spanish cuisine, and great seafood (husband's request) -- with the plan being to do tapas around Plaza Santa Anna and Plaza Mayor in lieu of dinner. Three questions: what do you guys know about/think of the restaurants I've booked? Are there better choices I can make? What fantastic seafood restaurants can you recommend?

The three restaurants I've booked are El Sobrino de Botin, Rincon de Estaban, and Paradis (Botin is a "must try" for me; the other two can be swapped out if you have better suggestions -- especially since I don't have a seafood restaurant in the mix).


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  1. I may be overgeneralizing here, but the tapas in Plaza Mayor are crap.

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      No, you're not, but sitting outside people watching is a big enticement.

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        It's not that they are crap. It's that they are nothing special (by Madrid standards), and are for the most part overpriced for what they are. Same goes for the area around Santa Ana. But they aren't bad, per se. You can still get a nice plate of jamón ibérico and lots of other Madrid specialties.

        Dsilv--what days of the week do you want to go tapas hopping? The easiest place to do so is probably in La Latina where there is a critical mass of places around the Cava Alta/Baja, Calle Almendro, Humilladero, Plaza de la Paja, c/Aguila, etc. But you have to go at dinnertime (that is around 9:30-11:30).

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          I wanted to go tappas hopping on Saturday and Sunday night (I don't think I have a choice on Sunday; it doesn't appear that any restaurants are open then). I was thinking of La Latina, because it looked like maybe more of the interesting places are situated around there. Are there any amazing tapas places you would recommend that are worth a hike to get to?