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Sep 19, 2007 06:43 AM

Queens Walking Tour

Some friends and I are planning a NYC walking/eating tour. We plan to walk from Chinatown in Manhattan to Chinatown in Flushing. Our route will take us up the East Side, over the 59th Street Bridge and out Roosevelt Avenue. We plan to make as many eating stops as time and endurance allow. All suggestions as to great chow spots along the route will be appreciated.

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  1. Folks, please keep the responses here limited to suggestions for the Outer Borough part of the tour.

    Cneely - for the Manhattan portion of your walking tour - which sounds like a lot of fun - please post a similar thread on the Manhattan board, which you can find here:


    1. This appears to be your first post, so I have no idea where you reside.

      You do realize that Chinatown Manhattan to Chinatown Flushing will cover 11-12 miles of walking, I hope? You might want to involve some other form of transport to cover part of your route if your hearts are set on that starting and ending point. I'm a huge walker and that sounds like it might be a bit much even to me, maybe it's doable with enough stops.

      Alternatively, you could go from Chinatown Manhattan to Chinatown Brooklyn in Sunset Park, which should cover more like 6-7 miles. The Brooklyn Bridge is a great bridge to walk across.

      I don't really understand why the Manhattan part of the tour needs to be split from the outer borough part, as each part would seem to be quite pertinent to the other.

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      1. re: JacksonH

        I am too a big walker myself, thought that the plan was a bit too ambitious, not only by distance but also a sheer scope of all the goodies to be eaten and seen along the way...

        1. re: welle

          My issue wasn't distance--anything's walkable if you allow enough time--but with the route. The East SIde between the Lower East Side and the 59th St. Bridge is dull, dull, dull.
          Why not Chinatown, through LES, over Williamburgh Bridge into Billyburgh, into Greenpoint, and then out on Roosevelt? Any South Asian you might miss in the E. 20s of Manhattan is more than made up for by Roosevelt Ave.

      2. Thanks for the replies. The distance is no problem. We have done as much as 22 miles on similar jaunts. The alternative route sounds interesting. We are most in need of spots to hit on the Roosevelt Avenue part of our journey.

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        1. re: Cneely

          22 miles! Wow!

          You might need to narrow the scope a bit, or just search existing threads, there's just too many possibilites. You could easily stuff yourselves at a wide variety of places in and around Jackson Heights, but that would defeat the purpose of a walking tour.

          What are the other stops? Maybe you don't want to duplicate cuisines? I'm quite fond of the Guichos taco truck on Roosevelt by Gleane St/84th, but maybe you already have Mexican on the itinerary. You might want to search for the "obscure street food in Jackson Heights thread" for other ideas.

          If you want to finish with a sit down place in Flushing, maybe you could go with Little Pepper on Roosevelt. But maybe you prefer checking out a food court, in which case again, you ought to search for relevant threads.

          Are you from NY? Where are you coming from? Perhaps there are cuisines in your town that NY can't match, but other foods that you can't find at home so easily.

          1. re: JacksonH

            Thanks for the replies. Actually the purpose of the long walk is that we can really chow down without any negative effects on the weight front. We are originally from New York, but live on the East End of Long Island now. We are looking for some chow spots that we would not usually go to because we don't get out to Queens that often. All price ranges and all ethnic varieties are fare game.