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Sep 19, 2007 06:17 AM

Looking for Name of Provencal Baked Fruit Desert

I've seen this desert a couple of times but have not been able to get enough details to even get the name of it so I can Google for a recipe. So if anyone out there knows either the name of this or has a recipe I would appreciate your input.

The desert consists of stone fruit (apricots, peaches etc.) that are halved, pitted and placed in a shallow baking dish. Then depending on the recipe a mixture of ground almonds, flour, the appropriate flavoured fruit jam plus eggs and cream is combined. This is poured over the fruit then placed in an oven to bake for a while.

This looks like a great tasty and easy concoction that I'm dying to try.


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  1. Is it a Clafouti? The only thing throwing me about that is the jam ....

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Boy that was quick! I Googled that name and it sounds like that's what I needed. The jam thing might just be a fault of my failing memory or a quirky twist to the concoction I saw. It was on "Have Fork Will Travel" and they were in Provence. I could have sworn the guy used apricot jam in the recipe. Thanks again I should be all set. If anyone has a recipe they would like to put up that would be great as well.

      1. re: Jambalaya

        I think there are a couple of long threads on the dish - I'll try to dig them up for you. A lot of people like JC's recipe - which is perfect since her recipes are the October Cook Book of the Month.

        Edit - this should get you started:

        I have to say - I want to like clafouti, but I don't - I've made it using several different recipes, but to no avail.

          1. re: Jill Brazil

            Thanks! I'd never heard of this. How does it compare to a Clafouti - maybe I'd like it better.

    2. The desert is called a Tian, which is the name of the dish it is made in. I tried to make the recipe and it came out fine, except it takes about 45 minutes at 325 degrees instead of 20 minutes like it says on the show. All the recipes online that deal with Tians have vegetable ingredients, so I am still looking for other fruit Tian recipes.

      1. It might also be a financier.