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Sep 19, 2007 06:08 AM

What's the latest & greatest at Grand Century Plaza for Vietnamese in San Jose?

Took the family to Happy Hollow this past Sunday and drove past the famous Grand Century Plaza on our way there. While I took note of that as a potential lunch stop (rather than eating HH kiddie food like hot dogs, pizza and the ilk that would taste miles better at the ballpark), by the time we left and wanted to get a bite at 1:30 pm, parking was nowhere to be found in the complex, it was a total zoo. So we left and ended up somewhere else. We'll come back to eat there for the first time next visit if all goes well, but I figure it's time to get some research done and to get an update here. The only data I have is from the SF CH guide published book, and searching for Grand Century of course isn't coming up with useful recent results.

What are some must have items and at which restaurants or mall vendors specifically and why are they better or more authentic than the rest/other places?


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  1. Here are a couple of pretty exhaustive threads:

    Although those aren't terribly recent, I don't think there have been any substantial changes. The Cha Ca at Pho Thien Long is the best rendition I've had. I don't know how to judge how authentic it is, but the way it's served (on a gas brazier, with lots and lots of greens) suggests that it is.

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      Why those didn't come up in my search I don't know, but I'll bookmark them. Thanks so much!

      Please add your 2 cents if there have been any changes and/or good stuff we should know about. Cheers.

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        I think you should organize a Grand Century crawl for 2007 :) just to make sure everything is still tasty after two years. ;)

    2. I didn't see this restaurant listed, but my co-worker who directed me to Pho Bang on Tully said that Pho Ha has a very nice broth. I haven't personally checked it out but certainly intend to.