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Sep 19, 2007 05:51 AM

Any info on old Sharp Convection/Microwave?

Hi, I just bought a house with a built in microwave/convection oven. (There is a regular oven, too).
The model is Sharp Carousel II Convection Microwave and it's dated 1987. We're using the microwave part just fine but neither my husband nor I have ever had a convection oven. It came with 2 round metal shelves (more like little stands that look like cooling racks for baking).

Any tips on using the convection oven would great! How to use it and things you loved and hated about it.

I looked on the internet for info and found none, except for more current convection ovens but I don't know if it would be the same.


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  1. jfood owned one of those MV's. the "racks" were basically worthless and can't really remember using at all in the MV. He thinks he cooled some cookies on them once, The idea when manufactured was that you could MV veggies and chicken atthe same time. Jfood thinks the same guy who designed the Edsel, came up with that idea.

    But to the positives. When new this was a great machine and the convestion roast was a nice feature. The trick was to pre-heat the oven before switching to conv-MV. Then with a really hot oven, you place some chicken breast into the MV and turn the Conv-MV and the MV cooked the chicken quickly and the hotness of the oven crisps the skin.

    It worked OK but not great. the chiocken breats were done way before the skin crisped up. And you still had MV chicken.

    Otherwise jfood felt then and still does that Sharp makes a great MV, maybe the best.

    1. I think that's probably the same model I have. I use the racks when doing chicken, pork roast and ribs. That's to allow the convection air to circulate freely around the meat. I know most traditionalists won't agree but I think the oven in convection/microwave mode does a great job particularly with a pork roast.
      jfood's idea of preheating the oven sounds good for smaller pieces but probably not necessary for a whole chicken or roast.

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        Can you tell me how you cook chicken in the convection oven? What times and temps? What pans--I would never put metal in a microwave but the racks are metal so can I put a regular pan in or should I just cook it directly on a plate or serving platter?? If I use the racks do I put a plate under neath for drips? Is meat your fave for the conv or do you cook other things in it?
        It would be great to have an extra oven around holiday time...

        1. re: jessheslin

          if jfood remember correctly when you push the conv/roast button it starts to pre-heat, then it beeps when it gets to temp. then you place in a pyrex dish and hopefully they left the temperature probe as well. the probe goes into the chicekn and then into the hole in the middle of the top of the interior of the mv. then the chicken takes over. when done to temp it beeps again.

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            On my Sharp there are buttons under CompuCook label. Place the seasoned chicken on the rack. If you like place parboiled potato chunks under chicken. Press button for particular food in this case Roast Chicken #3. Then enter weight of meat rounded off to nearest tenth. Press Start cooking will begin and the display will tell you how long to go. Timing is obviously not precise so check when it's done and if not ready restart process and check often.

            After searching I found a pyrex plate which is just smaller than the metal turntable which makes cleanup easier.

            1. re: mexivilla

              I used to have one of these ovens. I used it on the convection cycle only for baking smaller items such a single tray of cookies, a square pan of brownies, a pie, or six muffins. I lowered the recipe's indicated temperature by 25 degrees. Worked great. I used the combo microwave/convection cycle all the time for casseroles. And the best thing was roast chicken. High mix cycle, 350 degrees, 4 minutes per pound. Best, simple chicken - moist inside, crisp skin. We are building a new house and it will have a microwave/convection oven. The learning curve on this is well worth it.

        2. I had one of these for years. It was fantastic but it finally died and I have replaced it with a Panasonic Dimension 4 ( the genius) all I can say about the new one is WOW!!!..anyway, to help There are compu cook controls on the Sharp - use them they work and even though it does'nt have a compucook setting for Roast Pork, select lamb on the compucook and your away. I always pre heat for roasts I find it much better and I also roast all of my birds breast side down, they stay lovely and moist. ( I turn them over for the last 15 mins of baking just to colour the skin) Any help I can offer, just post a ?

          1. I have a 1994 Carousel II esp Sensor in a 1995 Safari motorhome. We bought the R.V. used, and the instructional booklet and cook book for the oven wasn't it it. The model # is R-1830. The serial # 129258. Output:800 w. 2450 Mhz 1200 A.C. 1.60 kw 60Hz single phase. Is there anyway I can get an Instructional booklet?

            1. I went to
              and they have the .pdf file at the following location which can be downloaded (without requiring registry


     seems to have a link for this microwave.