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Sep 19, 2007 05:49 AM

Christmas Eve In Vegas

We are going to be in LV for a week at Christmas time--- and our 30th wedding anniversary falls on Christmas Eve. Its a bit too far in advance to call out actual numbers--but I believe we will be dining as a group of about 12-15. We have been to Vegas many times and we were thinking of something upscale like Prime or perhaps Joel Robuchon
(we've never been). I have eaten at Prime and know that there is a small private room which would be nice. Approx. 6 in our party are in their 20's and will probably not indulge in selections such as foie gras, rabbit, duck, etc. so I would hope for a varied menu. Will Joel Robuchon really be $500 per person with wine as noted elsewhere on the board? We will be staying at Bellagio---and I think we should probably remain on the strip since it is a holiday evening. However, I am eager for your suggestions. Price is not foremost in my mind---its more about elegant atmosphere, excellent food, and a memorable night. Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you want an absolutely over-the-top luxury experience then go to Joel Robuchon Restaurant (the Mansion) or maybe Alex at the Wynn. Contact the MGM's large party department. You can make your own menu and if you go moderate on the beverage you won't be losing at $500/pp. Maybe Michael Mina/picasso/le cirque at Bellagio would be an option too?

    1. Robuchon is definitely going to set you back some serious coin for a party of 12-15. That being said - it is truly a fantastic experience and a great place to celebrate an occasion such as yours.

      Prime does have a small SEMI-private area in the back of the restaurant with one round table in it. This table seats no more than 12 at the maximum. Trust me. There is no squeezing one or two more people in after the 12-person maximum is reached. This is definitely something to take into consideration if you plan on making a reservation for 12-15 ppl at Prime, REQUEST, and receive that space. I only mention this precaution as I know more than a few people who have tried this approach only to be disappointed in the end. Any group of more than 12 people at Prime are seated at two separate tables.

      1. I would strongly recommend Sensi since you are going to be in the Bellagio. It has a great atmosphere and tremendous food. They dont have anything overly exotic but every part of the meals there have been nothing short of exceptional.

        I can not speak to Robuchon having not eaten there (I think Im too cheap) but my 2nd favorite in Vegas is Mesa but you can always hit that in NYC too. Sensi will set you back probably around $100-150 a head for full courses and its well worth it. It is much better than meals Ive had at the other places in Bellagio and Wynn at a higher price point.

        Enjoy and let us know how it goes when the time comes.

        1. Michael Mina at Bellagio is fantastic in every way! Food is incredible, service is as good as it gets, the enviroment is serene...and they do accomodate large groups with special group menus if desired. Here's the site:

          The "Ocean Menu," "Union Square," and "Russian Hill" menus are for groups, but you can always order ala carte.

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            Thanks for the suggestions. We are still trying to find the right mix for the crowd. Not sure how to find an extremely "special" atmosphere combined with the need to please the less adventuresome eaters among us. I am concerned that Joel Robuchon may be too "over the top" while Sensi might not be special enough. Still pondering the decision.....

            1. re: LVI

              We considered Michael Mina but have peered in the door previously and did not think it had the "special" qualitywe are seeking. Perhaps we felt that way because the front door sits adjacent to the hotel "coffee Shop" with its long lines. We also thought about Picasso. Although it certainly qualifies as "special" and we dined there once in years past, we were concerned about the limited menu for the 20 somethings in our party. Furthermore, I assume they will separate us into two tables (just like Prime) if we are 12-15, right? Would Alize be a good choice? We ate there years ago but don't have strong recall. However, the menu would seem to please the more tradtional among us.

              1. re: Debbie

                Alize is a terrific choice. I was in a group of about that size a few months back; we were very comfortably accommodated at a single (long) table. The service was impeccable, the food excellent (with quite a varied selection - but you will certainly wish to check to see if it, like many restaurants, will be having a different and more lmitied menu on that holiday).

                1. re: Debbie

                  I have had a table of 18 before. Was perfect and right in front of the windows overlooking the fountains. As far as the menu, it is varied enough that 20-somethings can find something. They have always been accomodating and quite honestly, I don't ever recall ordering straight off one side or the other of the menu. They are very good at accomodating requests.

                  1. re: Debbie

                    You sound concerned that the night be really special. I haven't been to Alize, but I have heard some mixed reviews. If Michael Mina isn't special enough, I doubt Alize will be. If money isn't a problem, I'd just take them to Guy Savoy or Alex. Here's a review of Alex with pics: Scroll down a bit, it's there.

                    Here's egullet's Guy Savoy thread, lots of reviews and pics. Tell you what, imho THIS is the place I'd go if price were no object, and I wanted something special. One common thing I hear about Guy Savoy, apart from the flawless food, is that the service is the best there is. They will make it a special evening, I'm sure.