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Sep 19, 2007 05:49 AM

weekday breakfast near Washington Square Village?

Friends are coming in from Australia and we want to find a breakfast place to go to near us.

--it needs to be quiet enough to chat and catch up on things;
--it needs to be more than just pastries (i.e., Bruno or Think wouldn't work)
--I can't stand Silver Spurs.
--my fallback place is Noho Star but I'd love other suggestions.

And it's a weekday so we need a place that serves breakfast then.


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  1. Is Balthazar too far - it's lovely for a weekday breakfast.

    1. Balthazar is a wonderful suggestion. What about Morandi? It's not that far a walk. Grey Dog cafe perhaps?

      Is Sparky's on Lafayette still serving breakfast? I can't remember.

      1. 2d Morandi. 'ino also serves breakfast.

        1. Cornelia Street Cafe serves breakfast in the morning. And the Le Gamin locations are also open at around 8 am (w10th & w4th; Hudson & Christopher). Grey Dog's is a good idea, too. It's a very comfortable place, and you can sit and talk there forever.

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          1. re: erin07nyc

            I really like Cornelia - the atmosphere is as good as the food.

          2. I second the earlier suggestion on 'ino.

            I'm not sure that the high noise level at Balthazar would suit your requirements.

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            1. re: RCC

              I don't recall Balthazar being particularly noisy at breakfast ....

              1. re: MMRuth

                3 times over the last year I've been to Balthazar, either for breakfast or brunch, I've complained about the high noise factor. I even wrote about it in a review on this board.