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Sep 19, 2007 05:28 AM

Lots of leftover pot roast potatoes

I've seen all kinds of recipes for leftover potatoes, but here's a twist.

The wife an I have tons of potatoes leftover from a crock pot roast yesterday. It wasn't the best pot roast we've ever made, it had a mild broth made with a little white wine.

The potatoes are about 1 inch cubed, so not huge, and not tiny, but they have gained some of the beef and brothy type flavor. Because of this, I'm hesitant to use them in anything like potato pancakes.

Any ideas?

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  1. I would make some roasted potatoes and serve with a steak and salad.

    1. I would saute them with butter, garlic, and onions. Serve with some grilled steak or chops.

      1. I would cut the potatoes down to half-inch cubes and combine them with any leftover pot roast and gravy, a four-cup box of beef broth, some baby carrots, sautéed onions, celery and maybe mushrooms, pearl barley, a bay leaf, some fresh ground pepper... soup!

        1. Bubble and Squeak! This is what I like to do with leftovers after corned beef, potatoes and cabbage, but fresh cabbage will work just as well. Especially good if fried in bacon or duck fat.

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            totally second the Bubble and Squeak idea!!!

            1. re: purple goddess

              Good idea folks - looks like I'll be making breakfast! There's no meat left now, but I do have some nice smoked sausage in the freezer that will go well with it.

          2. In true barrio style, potato burritos! If you want to get fancy, add some chorizo.