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Sep 19, 2007 04:44 AM

SF Honeymoon Recommendations [Moved from California board]

In two weeks my husband and I will be in San Francisco on our honeymoon. Looking for good places to eat and to celebrate the occasion. Nothing outrageously expensive, but we've never been to this city before so would like to experience it in style.
And we're open to any type of cuisine.

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  1. Congratulations to you both! I would recommend -
    Zuni or Bar Crudo for oysters and Champagne
    Incanto (1550 Church Street) for lovely, inventive Italian
    Betelnut (Union Street) for small plates of Pan Asian goodness
    Oola for HAPPY HOUR - half price nibbles -awesome ribs, and $5 martinis
    Foreign Cinema for BRUNCH
    Clement Street for all kinds of French Bistro food, and funky shopping, and maybe Burma Super Star if you can stand the wait - tea leaf salad is a must.
    Ferry Building Farmers Market for assembling a picnic, or a lunch splurge at The Slanted Door -
    Have a great time! This is just a drop in the bucket, so to speak, but its a good start.

    1. Boulangerie at Pine is nice for quick casual breakfast or lunch.
      Dim sum is a great experience in San Francisco, maybe someone can recommned a specific place in the city.
      I second Incanto; it has nice atmsphere too
      Sociale on Sacramento is good, good atmosphere
      Piperade is Basque food within walking(ish) distance to downtown.

      Had my honeymoon in SF too lo these many years past, loved the Bay area so much we moved here.

      1. I remember reading about 10 years ago that Michael Bauer (the SF Chronicle food critic) gave his niece a gift ceritificate to Fleur de Lis to use on their honeymoon. The food and decor there are supposed to be outstanding.

          1. Congratulations to you both! You picked a great place for your honeymoon. My hubby and I did the very same destination 2 years earlier! :) I agree with wolfe on Swan Oyster Depot - it's very small, seating is very limited, but you can't get fresher fish! Get there early - they close about 4 PM.
            Also there's a great seafood Chinese restaurant in Chinatown calle Yuet Lee. (not sure which street - it should be listed in the white pages) Best fried rice and prawns we ever had!! I haven't found a place in NYC's Chinatown that can compare with them!
            Also - stop by Ghirardelli Square for dessert. It's touristy, but sharing one of their hot fudge sundaes will make you feel that much more like lovebirds!

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              Yuet Lee is on the corner of Broadway and Stockton, open late, closed Tuesdays for some strange reason. Tanks of live fish, lobster, crab. That's really great. A friend always gets the fried calamari. It's awfully bright, not cheap, very informal but the food is fresh and excellent. Swan's is crab or prawn salads and cocktails, oysters on the half shell, soup is the only hot offering. Very busy Fri and Sat. Closed Sunday.
              I adore Yank Sing, 101 Spear (lower end of financial) for lunch for dim sum. Open every day but closes about 3 or 4pm.