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Sep 19, 2007 03:57 AM

Hottest table (best fooood) in DF?

Hi! We are a couple, both 30, celebrating our engagement. We are staying at the Condesa DF and have vacationed in Mexico City before. We visited Fonda del Refugio (sadly, not as great as it used to be) and Bellinghausen, and had dinner at Izote (amaaaazing but a bit sterile ambiance) and at asian-mexican fusion Bistro MP by Monica Patino (great food, but seeking a change of pace!). We also had a wonderful brunch at one of our all time faves, Mama Rosa in Condesa.
We'd like to have dinner at the hottest, must-hit restaurant. I currently have reservations at Aguila y Sol but am not sure if we've made the right choice. We're ready to work within a large budget since we're celebrating but want it to really knock our socks off and typify the resurgence of amazing Mexican alta cocina. Other options include El Bajio, and Taberna del Leon, but I read something about the mall location being a downer.
We are looking for a fun, hip restaurant scene good for a 9 PM dinner after a day of hitting the pyramids and zocalo and sightseeing.
Does anyone have any other recommendations for us? We love Mexican food and love hunting down an end-all-be-all meal. We're happy to stay at our fun little hotel for drinks etc... but if anyone could pinpoint a must-hit dinner place for us I would GREATLY appreciate it!!

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  1. I really don't think you'll be disappointed with Aguila y Sol. The space is subtle and sophisticated, as is the menu. I had amazing ceviche there, probably the best I've ever eaten. My tuna entree was also exceptionally good. I really thought that for the quality of the food and ambiance that the price was quite reasonable. I would have paid more and I can definitely see why many people say this is currently the best resto in Mexico City right now.

    Pujol is also very good but the decor is sleekly modern and probably emits a similar sterile atmosphere as Izote. I really like modern/contemporary style and didn't find the all white interior cold or uninviting, but I suspect others may. I was actually surprised at the warmth of the restaurant given it's minimalist white decor.

    If you like coconut, try a CocoMargarita. I had them at both Izote and Aguila y Sol. I think it was a shade better at Izote, but it's a surprisingly great combination and avoids being a cliche of a bad umbrella drink. If you're in the area stop in at the San Angel Inn for margaritas. They make a very good one. It comes in a little silver urn nestled in a small silver ice bucket. The waiters make a great show of pouring the drink. The grounds are beautiful. The food is old school continental and not that creative, but it is generally fairly well executed. I'd go mostly for drinks in the gardens.

    Hacienda de Tlalpan has gotten some interest on the board lately. It's in the southern part of the city and as has been noted (by El Chilango I think) it's a long taxi ride from where you'll be. At night, however, it is magical. The trees are full of twinkle lights, there are birds (peacocks?) wandering the very well manicured grounds, patio seating seems elegant and the food good to very good. I still remember the sopa de crema de cilantro that I had there 4 years ago. Service was attentive and very professional that night as well. If you find yourself in the southern part of D.F. then go, but I'm not sure it's worth the trip from the Condesa, but at night the place is definitely romantic.

    1. I am kind of looking for similar things as well. If you hear of the greatest new place, let me know. I go next weekend so if word spreads about the place to be seen, I will write back.

      1. Was just in DF at the beginning of the month. My friends went to both Izote and Aguila y Sol, but I chose to go out with the girl I'm seeing down there. I went to mostly mid-line joints that are relatively unknown here but also quite tasty.

        El Vip Sito is a very casual, street-food kind of joint that makes excellent tacos al pastor.

        Close to your hotel in Condesa is La Buena Tierra. Went there for breakfast one morning and then to their Insurgentes location that night for cena. The food is thoughtful and some of it is organic. Very good and enjoyable.

        El Ocho is also in Condesa (I think). We had empanadas and coffee there one night. Good stuff.

        Went to El Bajio at Parque Delta mall one morning for breakfast. I had the best chilaquiles (in a verde sauce) of my trip. My girls' tacos carnitas were also very tasty. And with the sheets of chicharrones standing there, how can I not recommend this place?

        For Sunday brunch, we went to Bondy in Polanco. Good food and great conchas. Had their chile en nogada - excellent.

        Also went to some of the more mainstream places like Vips, Sanborns and Los Bisquets, Bisquets Obregon. All of them were decent places, but the first two were definitely more along the lines of a Denny's style eatery, albeit with traditional Mexican dishes.

        Without trying to sound like I'm promoting - I do have a blog where I've written more about my experiences at these places. IM me if you'd like the URL.

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          onocoffee, I don't think we can IM or PM on Chowhound, so please post your blog URL here. Thanks.

        2. Agree with DD on Aguila o Sol... and Pujol (really the hottest restaurants... particularly for Mexican cooking)... another place to check it might be Nick San (I ate at the original in Cabo recently and the fish was superior to any sushi I've had in California... I stuck to traditional Japanese nigiri & sashimi.... but the fusion items sound fabulous).

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