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Sep 19, 2007 12:12 AM

Picnic at Hollywood Bowl on Thurs-Suggestions? (coming from Arcadia area)

So some friends and I are heading over to the Hollywood Bowl for a concert on Thursday and my friend suggested we have a sort of picnic there. She came up with the idea that we would bring something to eat for ourselves amd something to share with our little group. One friend is planning to bring some zucchini bread from Green Street Cafe and I was wondering if CHers on here could give me some ideas. Thanks in advance!

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  1. bring a selection of cheeses from TJs, WHole Foods, Gelson's or a really good cheese store. Add a fresh baguette.

    A bottle of good wine is a good idea. The mark up in the bowl wine sales is disgusting.

    1. Besides a few cheeses, you could also pick up some mezze and pita or flat bread from TJ's or Whole Foods (hummus, tabboule, etc.) and maybe something sweet from a favorite bakery (bar cookies hold up really nicely for picnics!)...the Bowl also has a couple of nice food stops if you forget something or run shy (one is a part of the Pinot/Patina family with lots of premade treats, and I noticed an Asian small bites one on the far side of the Bowl with dim sum and such)...Definitely bring your own wine though, and water! Hope it's a lovely evening! I love it there!

      1. I highly recommend Artisan Cheese Shop in Studio's about 15 minutes from the bowl so not that far out of the way.

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          But it's about 30 minutes out of the way if you're coming from Arcadia.

        2. I love the Roma Market in Pasadena on Lake north of the 210. If you are looking for bread and cheese it would be a good stop to make. I was thinking about your route: 210 to the 134 and then off the freeway at Cahuanga. Near the 134 and 170 there are tons of Armenian bakeries and groceries with spreads, olives, bread, fruit and baked goods. If that interests you, you could search the board for a recommendation. Enjoy!

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            We're actually taking the shuttle there-but thanks for the tip! I'll keep that in mind for next time. The finger foods idea from the post below is a good one too!

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              The shuttle is a very good idea! Traffic and parking at the bowl is a nightmare, better to let someone else do it.

          2. Finger foods do well, so also consider:

            Pakora, baji or naan from a good indian place
            "wrap" sandwiches or panini or French Pressed samdwiches
            Ethiopian Sambussas from Rahle or Messob
            figs stuffed with cheese, warpped in prosciutto and baked
            terrine from Little NExt Door
            Take out Sushi rolls ordered from your favorite sushi spot.
            Spring rolls
            Porto's Potato Balls
            Natas from Nata's in Sherman Oaks
            Fresh fruit such as grapes, figes, strawberries and such
            mini cupcakes form leda's
            Diddy Resse Cookies
            Some fine chocolate bought from a good chocolatier or gourmet grocery.