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Dining Near Cedars

Here is a challenge for u Chowhounds. Because my son had a kidney transplant with so many complications, we have made a second home (from Huntington Beach to Cedars) over the past 3+ years. I need to get some recommendations for food near Cedars Sinai, that is not organic or sushi (raw grade) because due to my son's transplant, that is now off of the list of what he can eat. I need for early breakfast (6-7 am), lunch and dinner. Also need for take out. Plus as an added bonus need it to be within walking distance (not Jerry's anymore, please. Lived there for almost a year). Since I can bring food to my son (he is so sick of hospital food after 20+ admissions, and they never change the menu), I want something appetizing to a 14 year old, but make sure I can walk it because the parking $$$ there is really expensive. With medicines, medical bills and driving almost 50 miles, it all adds up. And, after this amount of time, we really need to cut costs, but not quality or flavor. Thanks so much for your help in advance.

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  1. Well for obvious starters, Breadbar is right across the street. Great sandwiches and salads and exceptional baked goods, to stay or to go. And I believe they're now open for breakfast at 7.

    8718 W Third St
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    Phone: (310) 205-0124

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      thank you, we are so burned out, and just need a change, granted a cheap change.

    2. Dominick's is right across the street from Cedars on Beverly just west of San Vicente:
      If you are ever there on a Sunday evening, they have an excellent Sunday Supper for $15/person. Lovely little outdoor patio, nice way to enjoy a nice meal without a big check at the end of the night.

      A little further west down Beverly is Bristol Farms. They have decent prepared foods.

      India's Grill south on San Vicente in the big mini mall where La Cienega intersects is excellent. Very inexpensive lunch special and big portions.

      Mishima in the mini mall on 3rd just east of La Cienega has a reasonably priced lunch special that is tasty.

      Bread Bar on 3rd east of Robertson is a very good place for breakfast.

      1. I hope these places are not to far to walk....it should take about 10 minutes each way. On 3rd there are numerous places to eat, many that deliver which may be of use to you. I would ask when I go in if they will deliver to the hospital I'm sure many places will. OK. I am channeling my best 14 year old...On 3rd Street
        Berri's Pizza 8412 W. 3rd - any type of pizza you can imagine, sandwiches, pastas...when I was 14 I would have wanted Berri's. They deliver

        Joan's On Third - Gourmet takeout, lots of imported ingredients and fresh farmers market salads, great desserts and mac and cheese any kid would love. I can only assume not everything on the menu is organic...there will be stuff there for you and him.

        Zen Grill - 8432 W. 3rd Street- Asian cuisine. mix of Japanese, Chinese, Thai... the noodles and the soups and appetizers may appeal to him. Delivery available

        Chipotle - La Cienega in the front street level of the Beverly Center. chain burrito shop with good quality ingredients. (There is also a CPK there but I have a hard time recommending it)

        Absolutely PHO-bulous - Pho noodle shop on La Cienega and Beverly

        Delivery only : Vito's Pizza on La Cienega, best NY style pie in the area ( a subject of much debate) great calzones. they deleiver but it takes a long time. 310-652-6859

        Bossa Nova - Brazilian food, on Robertson, great sandwiches and salads, rice and beans healthy options and unhealthy but very good options, like the Coxina, shredded chicken and cheeese in deep fried dough...http://www.bossafood.com/

        I am falling short on breakfast places...sorry. if I come up with any that are close enough I will let you know.
        Good luck to you and your family and may your son make a speedy recovery.

        1. A few more breakfast and lunch options:

          On Robertson just north of 3rd, CUVEE is great and a very good value.
          A little further north, the NEWSROOM is a decent choice and I think they’re open for dinner too.

          The other way on 3rd, I’d say TOAST is within walking distance, for breakfast and lunch, as is WHO’S ON THIRD along the way. Across the street from there, DOUGHBOYS is currently closed for “remodeling” but will presumable reopen soon and they do breakfast, lunch and dinner.

          And up on Beverly, I think KINGS ROAD CAFÉ maybe be walkable too, and another casual option for breakfast and lunch.

          Oh and if Indian is of interest, there's a good new take-out called HOLY COW on the Southwest corner of La Cienega and 3rd.

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            I second Cuvee and Newsroom, especially for easy walking distance and price. Both on Robertson. I personally think that Kings Road Cafe, Toast, Joans on Third are too far to walk, especially on a hot day. But, see how you feel -- maybe a nice long walk is just what you need. Just know that they are several blocks east of La Cienega. There's an italian place, casual, on third street, north side of street, very close to the north east corner of Robertson. Can't recall the name. Good for walking. Other good suggestions in prior posts too. My prayers are with your son and you, and your family, for a speedy recovery for your precious boy.

          2. Well, it just so happens that Cafe Angelino has the best Italian in that part of town, within walking distance of CSMC. Get their flat pizzas (pizze funghi is my favorite), and their farfalle Angelino pasta. The tiramisu is excellent too. And all of it not too expensive.

            The owner's name is Antonio - he's a good guy.

            Good luck with everything.

            Cafe Angelino
            8735 W. 3rd St.
            Los Angeles, CA 90048

            1. Michelia (French-Vietnamese) has a $8.95 Lunch special that includes entree with soup, salad, app, rice & dessert and is very close by:


              8738 W. Third St., (310) 276-8288

              1. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I definately have alot of options now!

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                  Practically on the grounds of Cedars:

                  Orso Restaurant
                  8706 W 3rd St
                  Los Angeles, CA 90048
                  (310) 274-7144

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                    Here's a link with their menu and prices included (hope it's somewhat up to date):


                2. First of all, so sorry to hear about your son and all that you're going through. I hope your future is encouraging and the hospital visits are fewer as time goes on.

                  Try the Newsroom on Robertson, Grand Lux Cafe at the Berverly Center, Vito's on La Cienega (not walking distance but it's good pizza), and Mishima (Japanese noodle house with teriyaki and tempura as well) in the strip mall just east of La Cienega on 3rd.

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                    Chaya Brasserie on Alden has the best dijon chicken with french fries in the world, and is next door to Cedars, though not on the cheap side. The pastas are also great--my 13 year old loves this place. They also have a Sunday Brunch which may be more cost effective. The Hard Rock Cafe in the Beverly Center is walking distance and the menu should fit the bill. For breakfast, Michel Richard on Robertson has omelettes and pastries.

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                      Hard Rock is shuttered. Hopefully something good will pop up in it's place.

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                          couldn't have said it better myself

                  2. I also like Orso, Chipotle, & Vito's Pizza...

                    I'd also recommend at the complex across from the Beverly Center, on the east side of La Cienega at 3rd - Baja Fresh and Jamba Juice (which would be open early for "breakfast" probably at 7am). And please don't anyone start protesting that smoothies are unhealthy - read a nutrition label including the vitamins and minerals section, not all sugar is empty calories.

                    There's also a Starbucks at Cedars Sinai - not sure if they might be selling the new breakfast sandwiches?

                    Not sure if it's too far, but there is a Norm's diner on La Cienega a couple blocks north of Beverly. Not outstanding food, it's your pretty basic diner, cheap, and open 24/7.

                    1. One of my favorite places in town is right across the street (3rd at I think Willaman) - the 3rd stop. It's really a "gastropub" but they have great pizzas, some of the best fried calamari I've had, and some other good options, all inexpensive, and I'm sure they'd wrap stuff up for you to go if you explain to them. Beverly Falafel on 3rd and La Cienega (in the little strip mall in the southwest corner) isn't fantastic, but it's a nice change from some of the other stuff in the neighborhood, and I've enjoyed my shawarma sandwiches from there. There's also OK (far far from great) Chinese food at California wok, and pretty decent Indian food in that strip mall - I think at Akbar.

                      1. For an old-fashioned diner breakfast, try Jan's on Beverly, just a few blocks east of La Cienega. I've only eaten breakfast there, but it's consistently good.

                        1. Joans on 3rd is Fabulouss!!

                          Very posh yet, kind of a vintage atmosphere!!
                          if that makes any sense!!

                          The tabulou and there cold salads are greatt!!

                          1. Definitely try Jans great sandwiches, large portions. Taco bell, your son would probably love it next to Jans on Beverly near la cinega. Also agree with Norms, decent food at reasonable prices. Try Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Theres CPK at Beverly ,Center, decent pizza and good salads. There's a lot of places that will deliver. Theres a decent Italian across from Cedars on Third next to the liquor store. Koo Koo Roo Delivers. If you don't mind a short bus ride, so you don't have to take the car out, go straight east on third street to Farmers Market and you can get some great stuff reasonable. Also across the street of F/M is Town and Country and Andres is there and they have good food at very reasonable prices. My husband loves their ground veal parmagiana and he gets it with mushroom sauce with spaghetti and a salad for about 8.00 on Mondays and Thursdays.If I think of something else Iwill post.
                            Good luck