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Sep 18, 2007 10:22 PM

Coconut Grove- Where to Drink and Eat?

I will be in Coconut Grove next Thursday and need to find a spot that serves beer/wine and possibly some light bites. It can be up or downscale. Any thoughts on Monty's, Berries, Baleen, Barracuda? Any wine places in the area or really good hotel bars? Many thanks!

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  1. TV Sports Anchor, Radio Personality and former Miami Dolphin Jimmy Cefalo, recently opened a Wine Cellar in the Grove. It's where the old Taurus used to be, just past the CG Playhouse. I can't vouge for the food, or the wine for that matter, but since wine seems to be one of your focal points, I thought I should run it by you.

    Also, Jaguar does, or used to do, a wine tasting or special on Thursday nites if I am not mistaken. Their Ceviche Spoons @ 1.75 each constitute awesome "light bites".

    None of the places you mentioned are bad, 3 of which are not in the downtown area of the Grove and Barracuda would definately serve your downscale request and therefore I can't imagine them having much in the way of good wine. It's your basic bar food with a seafood slant. Baleen has or had a good reputation and is on the bay, but it's quite far from the center of the Grove. Monty's, ditto on the location, can be fun - the food is nothing to write home or here about. Berries is nice for lunch, again outside the center of CG.

    Were I you, I'd check out my first two picks as they are within a short walk of each other and will give you that Coconut Grove flavour you seek.

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      I like Scotty's Landing (hidden behind the marina) 3381 Pan American Dr Coconut Grove, (305) 854-2626


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        Try Jaguar or Tu Tu Tango if you want to be in the heart of the grove. I second the Jaguar recommendation, consistently good and the ceviches are top notch. Barracudas has spinach and artichoke dip and nachos, and not much else as far as food goes. Some people like Buchon Du Grove, I was not such a fan. There is an Argentinian steakhouse called the knife or somethign along those lines - I have never been and cannot speak of the food. Baleen is one of the nicest views in all of Miami. The food was not bad. If you want to be in the general area, the Miracle Mile area has much more to speak of as far as good food goes.

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          Thanks to all of you. I think Jaguar and the Jimmy Cefalo place sound interesting. I have fond memories of Scotty's from years ago. Any of the above three sound perfect.