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Sep 18, 2007 09:58 PM

baseball in baltimore

deb and i will be in town for the orioles/yankees game on 9/30. we'll arrive saturday and leave early monday (train back to nyc).

we would appreciate recommendations for lunch and dinner on saturday plus after-game snacks/barfood on sunday. we'll be staying at the harbor court hotel. walking distance from the hotel is a plus but anything reachable by bus, train or taxi is fine. we are intersted in local foods and specialties. we're sailors so good drinks are important. budget is pretty flexible.

thanks in advance.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There are lots of threads on this topic, here's one that could get you started.

      1. Just south of your hotel in Federal Hill, Regi's and Sobo Cafe are casual/affordable options (and Cross St Market for afternoon). You could take the water taxi anywhere around the harbor: Hull St Blues and Pazza Luna in Locust Point; Kali's Mezze and lots of barfood pubs in Fells Point; Mama's on the Half Shell and Helen's Garden on the square in Canton.

        1. wanted to give some feedback.

          deb and i enjoyed dinner saturday night at regi's. we walked in cold (no reservations) sometime after 9 p.m.. crab cocktail for deb and crab soup (cream based plus sherry) for me. nice.

          we split a double crab cake entre (two plates for a $3 uplift?). crab cake had no filler. this was pure lump crab, pan seared? and gently layered over the richest mashed potatoes imaginable. butter? cream?? i think so.

          we ate indoors alongside the fireplace because i wanted to. service was wonderfully pleasant.

          bottom line? i liked this place. food was good, portions generous, prices modest. i'd eat at the bar next time just because i'd like to be treated like a regular.