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Sep 18, 2007 09:30 PM

Brazilian Guarana Soda

Anyone know where I can find guarana soda for sale? Not so much Bawls, but rather the kind you find all over the place in Brazil. I'd like to pick up some six-packs...

I'm in Brooklyn Heights, but anywhere subway-accessible will work~

Many thanks!

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  1. Rio Bonito in Astoria (32–86 47th St.) - one block walk from 46th st. R/G/V stop.
    They sell Antarctica in 24 packs.

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    1. re: welle

      I'm trying to determine whether Rio Bonito is the place that's sort of kitty corner from Guitar Center on Northern Blvd. The grocery store has all things Brazilian, with a small offering of hot food in the back.

      1. re: HLing

        that's the one - behind the used car dealership. I never tried their hot foods, since my favorite Brasilian restaurant just block and half away. Their butchershop is great though, and they also have a great selection of Acai.

        1. re: welle

          Good store, but their buffet is nowhere near as good as Brasilianville Cafe down the street. They do make Brazilian-style burgers (i.e. corn, beets, egg, potato sticks, etc.), though.

          The OP may want to check some of the more internationally-oriented supermarkets in her/his neighborhood before trekking to Queens. Guarana soda is pretty popular outside Brazilian enclaves these days.

          1. re: welle

            oh yes, I've only been to the restaurant down the street once but I'd return in a heart beat...especially when i'm in the mood for lots of meat and grilled sausages. I thought it would be expensive and so got what I thought was very little of this and that, since it's charged by weight. My selections came to about $6, and I could barely finish it!

            I'm intrigued by the "Brazilian-style burgers" though. The few times I've gone into the grocery store the hot food was either gone or being put away. It always happened that i'm in the area about 5 mins before closing time..I'll have to plan better next time.

            1. re: HLing

              hling if you like those burgers you would like australian style burgers as well. you order them with "the lot" which is a fried egg, beet and some other toppings. i find its very good and the egg especially really mellows the burger. i like to get them at EIGHT MILE CREEK in nolita. its a slight twist on the brasilian style, which i have had in brazil.

              for the op i would agree that a trip to the newark ironboundneighborhood is in order for the op. so easy to get to via the path train and highly recommended!

              1. re: mrnyc

                Thanks Mrnyc, I'll add those burgers to my list of things to try.

                For that matter, is Ironbound the neighborhood with lots of Portuguese food also? Or am I getting that mixed up with something/somewhere else reachable by Path?

      2. You could take the PATH to Newark, Ironbound is next to the station. It is available in every store there, multiple brands.

        In Brooklyn I regularly see it in grocery stores. Check the various delis.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I'm torn between a trip to Astoria (I moved to NY semi-recently and I'm ashamed to say that I've actually never been to anywhere in Queens that doesn't have airplanes) and the Ironbound run (the idea of a whole Portuguese speaking neighborhood is quite a draw).

          (To HLing - I do think Ironbound is the Portuguese neighborhood; I'd actually heard of it before, but associated it with Portugal, not thinking that they'd serve the Brazilian community as well.)

          I haven't had much luck with my local grocery stores, unfortunately.

          1. I have purchased Antarctica at M & I International Foods, the big Russian supermarket in Brighton Beach.