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Sep 18, 2007 09:26 PM

Pre-Marathon Italian Suggestions in Toronto

What restaurant would you suggest for a pre-marathon Italian meal in Toronto. Does not need to be the fanciest and most daring Italian restaurant - just solid Italian with some atmosphere. We are staying at the Sheraton Town Centre, but proximity isn't a huge deal.

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  1. I'm not familiar with the Sheraton Town Centre... did you mean the Sheraton Centre which is across from City Hall at Queen and Bay?

    If so, there's excellent pasta to be had at Terroni on Victoria St, which is roughly a 10 minute walk from your hotel.

    It's a nice comfy place, not pretentious, and their pastas are all handmade. If I had to carbo-load, that would definitely be my choice. :)

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      I'm splitting hairs, but the walk should be more like < 5min, especially for marathoners! Terroni is an excellent suggestion! Love their pizzas. The Victoria location (106 Victoria Street) is good but there isn't much around if you want to take in the sights. The Queen Street location (720 Queen Street West) is in a much more interesting neighbourhood.
      Victoria location -
      Queen StW location -

      But if you want to explore a fun neighbourhood or finish off your meal by visiting a gelateria, check out Little Italy - start at College and Bathurst and walk west!

      Another CH fav is Romagna Mia (106 Front Street East) in the St. Lawrence Market area. It's a nice area for a pre/post dinner stroll (towards Solferino Cafe for some gelato from a friendly owner @ 38 Wellington Street East).;hl...

      Good luck with your run!

    2. On Mount Pleasant just south of Eglinton is Camerini's. Great simple italian food. Prices are really reasonable. When I went there were 4 of us all had pasta with 2 apps and a beer and it was $100.
      Plus just a block or so south from there is Il Glaterie (sp?). Which has gotten fantastic reviews on this board, for good reason.

      1. Depending on when your marathon is, Fusilli may be open post-renovations by then. Simple, well-made southern Italian fare right down to the (and I hope they kept them) red & white checkered tablecloths. The printed wine selection is limited, but Giuseppe always has a few bottles of something special.

        1. As a marathoner - I highly recommend Il Fornello on Queen's Quay. It's kinda fun and there are lots of out of town marathoners - the resto has a good vibe the night before. The carbo load is good and predictable. Their pastas are not bland but not too highly seasoned which is what I prefer before a race. Also - I wouldn't try anything I hadn't eaten before though.

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          1. re: Apple

            Best advice. Do not try anything new the night before the run. This is why I will be eating pasta at home Sat night!

          2. Thank you to all who replied. We have a reservation at Il Fornello for Friday and I will definitely scope out some of the other options listed, for Thursday night.

            We are flying in from Minneapolis, so having a safe pasta dinner at home on Saturday night is not an option - but thanks for the advice.