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Sep 18, 2007 09:20 PM

Another Owl of Minerva

What a great surprise when I ventured into the T&T at Steeles and Middlefield; - a small food court inside with an "Owl of Minerva" outlet!

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  1. Our first (and last) time we ate at one of these places was their location up on Hwy 7 @ First Markham Place. It was just awful, and very boring kim chi plates as well. Prices were no cheaper than the other Korean restos I frequent near Yonge/Finch-Steeles. I don't know about the other locations, but I'll never go back to that one again.

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    1. re: Royaljelly

      I'd never heard of this before, but do I have this right? A Korean restaurant's name drawn from Hegel?

      1. re: Royaljelly

        Agreed with Royaljelly. I ordered the bi bim bap and it was so stale. I saw another location at Yonge/Finch area near Thai Bistro.

        In between Owl and Thai Bistro is a good Korean place where I ordered kalbi. Sorry forgot the name.

        1. re: LikeTheWolf

          That place between Owl and Thai Bistro would be Oh Geul Boh Geul.

          As for Owl, it's clearly a place that specializes in one thing, and one thing only: the pork bone soup. Everything else there seems to be an afterthought, including the banchan, which is why you just get big uncut strips of kimchi.

          1. re: timc

            Located on Yonge St. south of Finch, is another Owl of Minerva.
            On a cold winter night after 2:00am on a Friday,my friend and I scurried in to join a bustling crowd.They are open 24/7.Ordered soup and another main,the bill was less than 14 bucks for both of there you go,it was comfort and convenience,late at night on a cold snowy evening!

            1. re: ultrablue

              Oh Geul Boh Geul is very good too. Plus they give you so many kim chi dishes... I think I counted 8 dishes, plus this fried pancake thing and that was just for lunch!

              My other personal fav. Korean places are Han IL Kwan (Steeles, just W of Yonge) and Sariwon (sp?) on Yonge north of Steeles.

              Anyone else with suggestions in the area for good Korean up north? Always willing to try out other places (esp. the non-BBQ ones).

              1. re: Royaljelly

                Congee Time,on Yonge St., south of Steeles,in the Newtonbrook plaza,east side.(Look for FoodBasics,ShoppersDrug and BlockBuster)Tried the huge beef tendons noodle soup and was not so fond of the peculiar dish.Other menu items I have tried as take out were generous,reasonably priced and tasty.

      2. I have been going there since last year and like timc mentioned,its good for Gaja Tang (Pork Bone Soup),but recently I tried the Spicy Tofu soup which was not bad.The only downside about this place is the amount of kimchi they give you which is miniscule compared to what they give you at the Yonge and Finch one.