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Sep 18, 2007 08:10 PM

Finally out of pizza funk in FFD county

It’s been a bad few months for jfood and pizza. For some reason he has not been able to get a good pie. First the guy who has been making them in the local pizzeria retired and the new guy is still on the learning curve. Then jfood went to Pepe’s in Fairfield and was not impressed. Leitizia’s in Wilton was just too messy (more effort than needed to eat)but tasted very good.

So what’s a jfood to do? Road trip to Colony Grill in Stamford.

Two words – THANK YOU

Two of us split two pies, one hot oil and one meatball and mushroom. The meatball and mushroom was the first slice, needed salt, no biggie and then the taste. The meatballs were pretty bland and jfood started feeling like the Mets, when will the bad streak end. Then the Hot Oil. A little salt and then a taste. PERFECTION FINALLY. Major sigh, big smile, and the bad streak now turned hugely positive.

So if you’re down in the dumps and need a good pie, the Hot Oil at Colony is still a 10.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Pizza is back on the A-List.

Now if the Mets can only figure out how to score more runs than their opponents.

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  1. Go with the hot oil & sausage next time...if you are daring, add some cherry peppers or stingers.

    1. jfood,

      I share your pain -- about pizza and the Mets. Glad to hear about this place in Stamford.

      Another place you might try is Zuppardi's - though in W Haven and not FFD County, they do make good pies.

      What are your thoughts on Nauti Dolphin, at FFD train station?

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      1. colony puts a smile on my face. not for pizza purists. happy, happy for stamford denizens. i go for lunch every six months or so whether i need it or not. always sit at the bar. irish pizza? whatever. we yankees fans go for hot oil and pepperoni.

        1. Can anyone elaborate a bit on what 'Hot Oil' on pizza is ???

          Is it oil with hot red pepper flakes in it ?

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          1. re: Cheese Boy

            they soak hot pepper in oil and then top a pizza with the oil plus one of the peppers.

            1. re: jfood

              Oh my goodness. I'm one of those people who sometimes blots their pizza with a napkin before eating it to *remove* some of the oil -- and here you folks are putting more ON. Isn't the pizza just one big oily mess ?

              Then again, I recently saw pizza slices topped with commercial mozzarella cheese, whole breaded fried shrimp, and bacon bits (all on the same slice). I'm sure somebody out there would also decide to include a generous amount of 'Hot Oil' on all of this.

              It's all good as long as you adhere to a prescribed regimen of Lipitor.

              1. re: Cheese Boy

                No, it really isn't. It's a very crisp and delicious pizza.

                1. re: Cheese Boy


                  amazingly the pizza without the oil is pretty much oil free (yeah right) and the addition of the oil adds just a touch. thatis why many consider it the best in FFD county.

                  1. re: Cheese Boy

                    cheese "oil" you blot off and adding olive oil are two completely different animals.

                    1. re: TBird

                      You're the first to mention *olive* oil here at all. Who knew Hot Oil was/is infused *olive* oil...? I didn't -- but I think I do now (If what you're saying is correct, TBird).

                      1. re: Cheese Boy

                        i could be wrong, it's been known to happen!

                        if i am wrong, i'm wit' 'chu!


              2. Glad to hear you got a pie of your dreams.

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                1. re: scharffenberger


                  Have you tried the new place on 123 across from Lime in Norwalk for Pizza. Hearing good things and wanted to ask someone jfood trusts.

                  1. re: jfood

                    jfood, do you know the name of this place?

                    1. re: amanda3571

                      trying to go today and willreport back.

                      1. re: amanda3571

                        Jfood reporting back.

                        It's G&G 161 Main st. in Norwalk. just finished a sausage and pepper and am totally underwhelmed.

                        Positives - very nice people couldn't be nicer. cooked perfectly. crust was the perfect brown color jfood likes. green pepper, thinly sliced to get a nice crunchiness. Cheese had a nice tang to it.
                        Negatives - sausage was circles of tastelessness. no flavor whatsoever. jfood went as far as picking one off just to taste without the sauce and cheese and still no flavor. crust was flavorless - tasted like flour and water, no ups no extras.. sauce tasted like a bunch of tomatoes thrown in a pot and processed, no flavor.

                        Overall, almost a waste of a trip. Jfood gives it a 4 on the jfood scale. In a pinch and in the 'hood would stop for a slice, but not worth a separate trip.

                        Oh well, jfood tried.

                        1. re: jfood

                          Too bad.

                          Nothing really compares to Colony. I find most pizza around here to be just "OK" (Colony excluded).

                          Thanks for the update.

                          1. re: amanda3571

                            if you want a "high end" pizza try Sole in new canaan. they make a good margheritta and their sausage has a nice fennel flavor and cooked in a wood stove..

                            they also make some nice flatbreads (some call it pizza), with other non-traditional ingredients (sweet corn is jfoods favorite in season) but jfood will not call it pizza.

                            1. re: jfood

                              Thanks, I'll defintiely try that.

                              I used to enjoy Westport Pizza growing up, but it's been a very long time since I had that. Cappriccio in Stamford also has some of those specialty flatbread pizzas which are pretty good - but you're right, it's not really pizza.

                              Has anyone been to Michael's in Stamford lately? I recall them having a pretty good pie.

                              1. re: amanda3571

                                we get westport pizza delivered to our poker night and it does not even get a 4 on the jfood scale but it's been steaming in the box for some time. unfortunately the chinese delivered is no better so jfood drinks a lot of root beer and eats chips (potato, not poker).

                                1. re: jfood

                                  I haven't had WP for maybe 15 yrs...but when you're a teenager, most pizza tastes pretty good.

                                  Have you ever tried Modern Apizza in New Haven? Now THERE is a good pie/

                          2. re: jfood

                            G&G isn't new, it's been there for ever...and the only pizza places on Rte. 123 in Norwalk are John's (Not) Best, Uncle Joe's, and that D&D place -- there used to be a really bad pizza place in the same strip mall as Glen's Variety.
                            Sorry you wasted a trip.

                            1. re: Elizzie

                              no biggie, jfood ate Uncle Joes a few years ago and it was very tasty but way over the top greasy. Jfood felt like taking a 20mg dose of lipitor after eating it with a Rolaids chaser.