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Sep 18, 2007 07:59 PM

English Pub in Center City (Old City/Society Hill)

I recently moved and I am looking for a fun pub to watch EPL and Champions League. I am hoping the food is also decent with nice pub fairs like banger's 'n mash, toads in the hole, etc. I've tried Dark Horse in South 2nd street near where the farmer's market. Is there any other place?

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  1. I would try The Blarney on South St (not sure of the address, between 4th-6th). I stopped in there in a rain storm and had one of the best burger's I've had anywhere in the city (I even complimented the cook who came out to watch the game.) They had some soccer matches up on the tv and had a good crowd watching. Otherwise, Artful Dodger on 2nd and Lombard, but I am not sure about their tv situation. The Fox and Hound is more of a chain but the foods is decent and they carry a bunch of games on the tv (as long as it doesn't interfere with Eagles games.)

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      Okay. I will try those places this weekend. BTW, nothing against Dark Horse; just wanted to try other places. If you haven't been there yet, the place has a lot of TV's and they are open as early as 7:30 as long as there's a good soccer match on.

    2. Just an update for anyone looking for english premier league matches, The new Irish Times on 2nd and Bainbridge in QV is showing all the matches. Paddy Whacks just opened up on 2nd and South too. It's pub central down there now. You have 7-8 within a 2 block radius.

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        Is Irish Times in the space formerly occupied by the Black Door? Is it any good? I always thought Black Door was excellent, if they couldn't make it in that space I'm not sure another bar has a chance..

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          I don't know about the EPL. In 04 I spent far too many middays at Ludwigs on Sansom (a bit west, for you). Could be a good change of pace, I imagine they'd at least have the champion's league games there.
          Fado has games, but I've never watched them there, just passed by and saw the signs.

      2. I can't speak for the sports on TV but Elephant & Castle is the closest you'll get to an authentic English pub in Philly. It's at 18th and Market in one of the major hotels -- part of a chain, but good. Another cozy pub with good food, although a little pricey, is For Pete's Sake in the Southwark section near Old Swedes Church.