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Sep 18, 2007 07:44 PM

Restaurants in the Hunter?

Any thoughts on restaurants around the Pokolbin/Cessnock area? I am up in Newcastle on a Saturday and wanted to find somewhere informal but tasty - any cuisine. We are actually staying in Cessnock (Pokolbin places all seemed to have a 2 night minimum) but I think it's not far to drive: though no wine for me :-(

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    1. re: kmh

      Thank you sir - might do lunch there but they are not open evenings...thought actually Rock Restaurants could be interesting....(interesting blog btw)

      1. re: jellyface

        sorry it was brief. am a bit hectic.

        for some reason i got the impression you were only passing through and looking for a place for lunch (no idea why now that i look at it)

        firestick cafe by night turns into poole rock restaurant which recently earnt itself a hat - I am hoping to have a meal there, have seen the menu but we were there in daytime.

    2. I think I'm late posting this, but thought I'd give my 2 cents, having just left the Hunter on the 23rd...loved Major's Lane, Leaves and Fishes, and Peterson House...had great meals at all three! We also really enjoyed Bel sister lives there, and highly recommends Amanda's, but I did not make it there during my trip. Try visiting sometime when you can try the wine...Marsh Estates had the best I tried while in the area!

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        Back from the weekend - we didn't end up having any time to really try things: arrived too late in the area and as we were so tired and had not made any reservations decided to just eat at a pub: the Bellbird....I was told by the owner of the place we were staying that the owner of the Bistro is ex-Little Snail in Sydney (not sure about this though) and while the menu did not look inspiring the simple food was extremely good if you don't mind the surrounds...

        Having travelled quite a bit around Napa and Sonoma, I find the Hunter easily stands up to these regions and is probably more accessible (less snooty?) though this is just an impression as we only spent a 1/2 day driving around the vineyards tasting. I am going to do some serious menu reviewing and we will book next time...