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Sep 18, 2007 07:42 PM

Dried Corn Husks for Tamales

Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase dried corn husks to prepare tiny tamale appetizers. I'm trying to get it together for a Mexican-themed party chez moi. Please don't tell me to go to the grocery store and ask the produce manager for their picked-over corn from last week. Any other alternatives are welcome.

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  1. Available at NoFrills around Mississauga(Mavis+Eglinton). Guessing from this they're in the NG pipe, so perhaps other NoFrills/Loblaws outlets might stock 'em..

    1. Was at Pasquale Bros in Etobicoke this past weekend....they had 'em.

      1. Sounds like something Perola's in Kensington Market would have..

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        1. re: Recyclor

          They definitely have them at Perola, just behind the cash beside the freezers. The freezers are chock-a-block of neat stuff too.
          FYI - I did tamales with fresh corn husks this summer and they were amazing. Boil fresh husks for 30 minutes, cool and wrap, finish on BBQ.

          1. re: Mila

            Try using dried husks sometime and steam 'em instead the trad way with masa+beef filling--ahhh!

        2. Edgar's on the queensway at royal york has them.

          1. Sorry to change the topic - slightly - but where do you go in Toronto to get tamales made to go? Masa and chicken or beef? There were so many places in Chicago that were GREAT, but I don't know of one place in TO.


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            1. re: deelicious

              The structuring problem here is NO MEXICANS! Chicago, like nearly all major US cities, has a large Chicano population with smaller subgroups from Central America.I've seen and spoke with more Mexicans(all laborers)at my local western GTA farmer's market than anywhere else in TO. There's no market simply because the population isn't present to support it.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                As the US economy continues to crumble - watch for more Mexicans in a city near you.