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Two Forty Two Providence

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Anyone tried this spot on Atwells Ave. yet? What do you think? I just read the review on TasteRI, and checked out the menu as well.. Looks interesting.

Website under construction, but you can still view the menu.. www.twofortytwoprovidence.com

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  1. I have not tried it, a friend went and said it was okay, nothing special.

    From reading the menu I believe it. This could be any menu at any restaurant these days. Nothing creative on there at all. And the headings for it are really annoying. Spend less time trying to recreate menu categories and more time creating interesting dishes! :)

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    1. re: basachs

      While I agree that the categories are stupid and there's nothing too new on here, it all sounds really good to me. Sometimes you want a menu where it's all somewhat interesting and tasty sounding rather than trying to achieve some new combo that may or may not work.

      1. re: Joanie

        Well I hope it has exceedingly good execution of the menu..Be nice to have someplace truly good on Atwells for a change.

        1. re: basachs

          I agree that there is nothing new to Providence on the menu and the headings are silly. But I like the menu too. It has all the items I like to order when I go out - brick oven pizza,calamari, veal chop, lamb chops, tuna steak, chilean sea bass. If it had a duck breast choice it would ideal. Is it daring to not have on single pasta dish, being that it is Atwells Ave.?
          This menu sounds more interesting than the 121 menu I read last week.

      2. re: basachs

        I haven't been, but a quick glance at the menu reinforces your view... Considering some of the gaping holes we have in our otherwise excellent culinary scene, why people are still charging down the New American and Italian (or variations thereof) themes in this city (as if we didn't have a million of each already) is something of a mystery to me...

        1. re: basachs

          One of the worst restaurants on Federal Hill. The menu is very weak, the staff is well below par ( The bartender was more worried about talking on her cell phone than taking my order ), I'll give this place 3 monthes before something else is there.

        2. I just took a quick look and am already annoyed. Panzanella with croutons? NAY.

          1. isn't there a newish rest. called local 121... is this a joke or related?

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            1. re: harryharry

              Interesting....but it's neither a joke nor related. Just coincidence. 242 refers to the sreet number....121 might be the same.

              1. re: JaneRI

                Address as well.
                Yesterday's Food section in the Journal explains these numbers:

                1. re: madgee

                  I saw that too. But I'm having more trouble remembering all these numbers than real names. Not sure this gimick works.

                  1. re: ccferg

                    This world is starting to be a pretty sad with everything under the sun being trademarked. People have to have some freedom to re-use names, it's just getting ridiculous.

                    At some point in time, we'll just be jumbling unpronouncable letters together to make a name! gah!

                    1. re: Keithel

                      The article I read claimed these restaurants were using addresses purposely because they believe people will be more likely to keep them in mind when thinking about a particular neighborhood.

                      1. re: ccferg

                        Odd theory - I would think an actual name would be more likely to stick in a my brain.

                        1. re: ccferg

                          I read the article too, and while that was the main point, it seems that many businesses resort to that thinking after finding out every name they think of under the sun has been trademarked.

              2. My husband and I ate there Saturday night. We had a great meal and the entire experience was enjoyable. When I made the reservation, I noted that it was my husband's any my anniversary. When we arrived, the hostess wished us "Happy Anniversary", which was a nice touch. After we were seated, our waitress brought us over two glasses of champagne, with their compliments. The owner later stopped by to wish us a happy anniversary. The attention to detail was refreshing. The food was great; tuna cooked as it should be; seared on the outside, nice and rare everywhere else. Tried the pizza with sirloin tips, mashed potato and blue cheese. It was very light and the flavors complimented one another, rather than competed with. Will definitely come back again.

                  1. re: malyna


                    I've never stepped foot inside the place due to one of the most boring looking menus I've seen in a long time. Seriously, this is food from ten years ago (or more). I've eaten it all many times before.

                    I'm not saying it can't be good, it's just so tame. It's the menu of someone without much creativity or training as a chef...unless he went to JWU circa 1993.

                    1. re: invinotheresverde

                      I haven't been to 242 yet, so I can't comment on anything first hand, but regarding menus, I think there's a current trend that menus can be "plain" or "essential" as long as the quality and flavors are all clean, clear, crisp knockouts. If not, well, then it's just boring and average...

                      On the whole, though, menu originality is a big problem in Providence. Nearly everyone is doing the same New American or Italian-fusion menu... I'm actually slightly hopeful that the bad economy will whittle down the number of such places around here and that someone will figure out that you'll have to standout to be successful, and not just have the "correct" mix of short ribs, gnocci, beet salads, "gourmet" pizzas, etc, etc and open the door...

                      When people want "original" in Providence, where to do you go? I know what I think of, but am curious to see people's responses first...

                      1. re: Garris

                        Hey Hey, Garris...when I was growing up, all through high school and college (when I was home in the summer), we ate at Old Canteen every Sunday night...that is a Rhode Island original...and that ain't all...you could always count on Joe Marzilli being there to greet you. Also, Twin Oaks...now that place is original...what I really miss is Emery's (on 1A going into Wickford)...owned by two Yankee ladies who had a house up in back. There were picnic tables and the chowder was the real Rhode Island deal, and the clam cakes were five cents each. You could also bring your own pie tin, go to the beach, come back and pick up the pie they would have baked for you....now, that is ORIGINAL.

                        1. re: nidanlou

                          I'd call Twin Oaks more old school than original (actually, what I'd really call it would get my post yanked for sure).

                          I think Chez Pascal has an original menu (in the sense of innovative) .

                          1. re: GSM

                            So heres a thought. As more and more "old school" places close, when do they become original?

                            Personally, I think very well executed and quality "Old School" cuisine has reached the point of being original.

                            1. re: basachs

                              Perhaps old school was too gentle a phrase...

                              1. re: GSM

                                Actually, I misspoke. I didn't mean "original" as in "authentic" or "old school," but original as in "innovative." That changes the question somewhat...

                                1. re: Garris

                                  I understand what you are saying....I think one day this old school style of food will become innovative.

                                  I often find food described as "innnovative" to be piss poor

                              2. re: basachs

                                Old school can be wonderful, but I don't see how it can also be original? Twin Oaks is the very definition of old school, and I recall a perfectly cooked fish dinner I had there one night.....but original it ain't.

                                1. re: JaneRI

                                  Well, I dont find the stuff that other people find innovative to really be all that....flavors that have existed for years in other cultures mingled together does not strike me as original.

                                  When a new cusine is rediscovered and improved upon, perhaps that can be original. Certainly fresh if I have not had it in a while. A recent article in NYtimes talks of how all the old soul food places are disappearing in Harlem. If I grow up never experiencing a place like that, and then walk into one when this cuisine is rediscovered, it wou ld strike me as original. Such is the way I see "Old School" going...

                          2. re: Garris

                            I have a hard time coming up with any place that I would describe as innovative. Maybe Rasoi and Julians.

                            I think that is a reflection in part of Providence's relative size and wealth.

                            By definition, an innovative restaurant is going to appeal to adventerous diners. The larger the city the larger the number of such diners available to patronize the groundbreaking establishment.

                      2. Hmmm, found website at http://www.242restaurant.com, not the one given above. Also, several posters mentioned the stupid/annoying categories on menu -- on the menu on website categories are: "Appetizers", "Salads", "Entrees" and "Wood Burning Brick Oven Pizza". Did they change menu already? Or maybe one used in restaurant is different? Agree the items aren't particulary inventive, but there are a number that I would definitely order, esp salmon with wellfleet littlenecks, heirloom squash & thyme basil broth. If well executed, I think that would be delicious!