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Sep 18, 2007 06:30 PM

Dining in Las Vegas

Looking for a great recommendation for fine dining in Las Vegas - any ideas?
Thanks in advance....

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  1. A year ago I was in Vegas for the first time in my life, so don't expect any great expertise from me. But I must say that dinner at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill restaurant in Caesar's Palace was much better than I expected (considering I don't particularly like his Food Network shows.)

    Mesa Grill
    3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

    1. the tasting menu at joel robuchon.

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        Just ate at SW Steakhouse in the Wynn last weekend and it was outstanding! I highly recommend it!

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          1. I just moved from Vegas. Being a foodie I was sadly disappointed by many meals in Vegas. Before moving there I had heard of the wonders of the food in Vegas (I'm originally from NYC) only to be met by step-sister restaurants. The best, I felt, was Bradley Ogden's at CZR's Palace. Food, wine AND service were always wonderful. The rest, I felt like the staff didn't care as I was most likely NEVER going to come back again. They were right, but not because I was a tourist!

            Have not eaten at Mesa (the AC restaurant was v good) or SW. BD Bistro also at the Wynn, was good.

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              I've always gotten good service in Vegas...they know you have a LOT of choices and if they get a bad rep it can hurt. I do look at boards like this before I go, looking for restaurants that get consistently good reviews and if I hear several complaints about service, I stay away

              I've been wanting to go to Bradley Ogden since I had soup and dessert at their bar 2 years ago. They treated me like a VIP, and the food was that kind of food that makes you go "mmmmmmmmm" with every bite. Beautiful and creative food very well thought out and perfectly executed.

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                We've had dinner twice at Bradley Ogden and stopped in once for dessert late in the evening. We've never been disappointed here. Seems to get overshadowed by the other notable places on the Strip and not talked about much. I had a citrus steamed halibut a couple years ago I still dream fish dish I've ever had I think.