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Sep 18, 2007 06:29 PM

Restaurant Suggestions in Walnut Creek

I'm from Charlotte, NC, and am a cuisine/pastry graduate of Le Cordon Bleu-Paris. So, I like excellent quality, 'real' food that is perfectly prepared; I'm less interested in a fancy atmosphere or uptight service. In early October, I'll be in Walnut Creek for business with a few colleagues. I am looking for a few restaurant suggestions. We will have a car. I'd like a couple of suggestions for New American and a couple of suggestions for ethnic/asian fusion cuisine. Would like to stay in the moderate price range, unless there is a "must eat here" recommendation, then we'd push the budget a little. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. Pizzaiolo and Dopo in Oakland. Sea Salt in Berkeley.

    For a splurge, Chez Panisse in Berkeley, Oliveto in Oakland.

    1. in walnut creek: very good seafood/walnut creek yacht club; expensive and very good italian/prima; expensive small plates/va de vi. have fun, bob

      1. Second the rec for Walnut Creek Yacht Club. The seafood is extremely fresh with many different preparations available. The raw oysters are excellent and they have a very good variety.

        1. LeCheval just opened in Walnut Creek.

          There are few "excellent" restaurants in the Creek. Agree w/the Oliveto, Chez Panisse- which I would consider moderate for the upstairs cafe. Dona Tomas in Oakland is also quite good. I enjoyed Pizzaiolo but IMHO thought the pizza at Pizza Antica was better.

          I enjoy Prima in Walnut Creek, it is one of my " go to" when I want to eat local. Memo in Concord used to be excellent, went downhill ,but I have heard many reports from friends that they are back. Anyone been there lately?

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            Wow, thanks all for the great suggestions! This is the first time I've used Chowhound to find restaurant suggestions; I think I'm hooked! I can't wait to try some of these places.

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              You must report back to us! Enjoy is a nice burb

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              Le Cheval is three of the least interesting, most Americanized Vietnamese restaurants in the Bay Area.

            3. Va de Vi is a great restaurant in downtown Walnut Creek with a great atmosphere. They serve tapas that are great. I went twice with colleagues from work. We all really enjoyed it. Here's their website. Reservations are highly recommended.