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Sep 18, 2007 06:11 PM

solo dining in Newport, RI

Any recommendations for dining solo in Newport? I'm going to be in town for a few days and, while my partner will be busy at a conference, I don't want to miss out on checking out Newport. I'm from overseas, so any good "typical" style restuarants/diners to recommend? Thanks.

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  1. Yesterdays in Washington square is a great solo place to can sit at the bar read a paper and enjoy your meal. The food is great, the bartenders are always friendly and they have a great selection on beers on tap... and an excellent selection of wine. They should be starting their octoberfest menu soon too!

    1. I think The Mooring is the place for you. It's on the water, they have a bar, so if you want you can sit there for your meal, and they have great seafood on the menu for the visitor from overseas! Lobster, chowder, mussles, etc.

      1. Try the Clark Cooke House - its easy to sit at the bar for dinner. weekends there is always something going on. Consistent and yummy food, and until the end of the month they have good sushi.