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Sep 18, 2007 05:50 PM

Good Discount Liquor Store Downtown???

I am thinking union square area to the les...


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  1. Warehouse Wines and Liquors on Broadway between Astor Place and Waverly Place. As cheap as you will find in all New York.

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    1. re: bobjbkln

      Second Warehouse Wines. Fabulous. The wine guys there are really very good, too. I've had some really wonderful wine from this place, at surprisingly cheap prices.

      1. re: eastvillgirl

        I found champagne there at ridiculously low prices....Mumm Cordon rouge
        for 25$. I pay 66$ in Montreal for it! Don't talk to the manager however, if he is still there, but the people on the floor are very nice and always willing to help you. There are a couple of french guys so they are always happy to speak french with me. I did not find a better place for discount prices in New York yet. If you go next door to Astor wines, you see the difference even if they have good prices there also.

        1. re: cricri7

          Agree, agree, agree about Warehouse. Go!

          1. re: cricri7

            I also usually go there since the selection is good and I can be served en français. But considering a bottle of Vieux Château Certan I bought for a really good price last december, methinks the conservation of the bottles might not be amazing. Is is actually oversotck from other liquor stores that they sell?

            Going back to the Big Apple in 2 weeks, I'll be going to sherry-Lehman this time around.

            1. re: Campofiorin

              Yes're correct in finding the bottle conservation suspect at Warehouse.....beware of cooked bottles!

              1. re: drumwine

                Judging by the "sweetness" of the 97 Certan I drank, it was cooked.

              2. re: Campofiorin

                Warehouse Wine's wine, anything but current releases that is, is at best highly questionable and more likely guaranteed garbage - but what current releases they have are usually well priced and I haven't really seen lower prices for liquor - which is mostly close to indestructible - anywhere in Manhattan and not often in the city. They have a decent selection of most things, too, though don't expect scarce or rare bottlings..

          2. re: bobjbkln

            I moved uptown but still buy my liquor at Warehouse Wines and Spirits. You really can't beat the prices. The middle-aged Frenchman with the winemaker's look to him gives good recommendations, as does the older gentleman with the googly eyes. You'll know exactly whom I'm talking about if you pay a visit.

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            1. I go to Warehouse Wines. We also like Chelsea Market's wine shop (not sure how their prices compare). We have gotten some affordable bottles there and their storage appears to be good. Jacques always makes great suggestions.

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              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                Chelsea Market's wine shop is more expensive, though better quality as well, I imagine. I go there on occasion for convenience's sake since they have that machine that can super chill a bottle of white in a minute.

              2. Warehouse also has a very good selection of single malt scotches at excellent prices.

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                1. re: susan robin

                  The Warehouse on Bwy is a place to buy liquor for good price. Do not buy wine though, they do not conserve the bottles properly and you buy a bottle of a wine you know by heart and all of a sudden it doesn't taste as it supposed to. IT"S VERY BAD. If you need wine around USQ go to Union Square Wines, they have a small but decent selection.

                2. Union Square Wines is a great place -- the staff if truly knowledgeable and helpful. And, several times a year, they have a mega-sale during which all still wines are 25% off, as long as you buy at least 12 bottles. And yes, you can mix and match!