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Sep 18, 2007 05:07 PM

Don't miss places for my italian vacation

We'll be in Rome for 5 days, Florence for 4 and Venice for 3 next month. Please share with us your favorite places, prefer moderately to reasonably priced non-touristy places. Thanks in advance. (We are not big wine drinkers...)

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  1. Be sure to do a "Search this board" search for these 3 cities. As they are the most heavily visited cities in Italy, you will find dozens and dozens of prior posts here with helpful suggestions.

    1. Don't miss Armando al Pantheon! The food is GREAT! Call for hours and reservations a MUST!

      1. kuri,

        Will you have a car?
        If you do, between Rome and Florence (with a small detour into Umbria) is Monteflaco.
        There you will find Il Ristorante Coccorone - Largo Tempestivi Montefalco
        Phone +39 0742 379 535.
        Great for lunch or dinner.
        I know you said you are not big wine drinkers, but Montefalco is the home of the Sagrantino grape and you'll find it on their wine list and used in their dishes too.
        If you are not driving, don't bother.