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Mar 10, 2006 01:29 AM

Queen House Report-Mountain View (w/ pics)

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Went to dinner at Queen House, a Chinese restaurant, in Mtn View. It's a tiny restaurant about 14 tables total, good for a small family of 4, or they have tables for 2 (but those are tiny.)

We ordered five dishes for 2 people:

steam dumplings w/ shrimp, pork, veggie. Hot and full of juice, B+

pea sprouts w/ garlic-very tasty and tender. A+

Sichuan beef noodle soup-very good beef, but the noodles though homemade where not silky, huge pot. C+
I'd get the beef clay pot next time I go to try.

Green onion pancake or Chinese pizza-thin and crispy. Good while still hot. B+

Ground simmer pork over rice-$3.95. Small-medium size full of pork that tasted like corned beef hash which I liked, some pickle things, and a hard-boiled egg. I really liked this dish, recommended. A+

Total before tip about $24. Very cheap and good value, lots of leftovers. Recommended. Any other favorite dishes I should try next time?


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  1. Forgot to add at Queen House you can easily order from the menus since it's in English, and they take credit cards, big plus.

    New restaurants on Castro Street coming soon:
    Ohana Hawaiian BBQ-coming soon
    146 Castro St, Mtn View

    Taqueria El Grullense #2-coming soon
    152 Castro St (between Villa St and Evelyn Ave)
    Mtn View

    1. Favorites of mine include:
      Family Style Tofu
      Salt & Pepper Fish Fillet
      Eggplant w/ Spicy Garlic Sauce
      Three Cup Chicken Clay Pot
      Fried Stinky Tofu (if you're into that kind of thing)