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Sep 18, 2007 04:03 PM

Bourdain and Boudin [moved from New Orleans board]

So, Tony B. is in town tomorrow night with the crew of No Reservations doing some sort of Stand Up night at Howlin' Wolf in the Warehouse district.

The important question is-- where is he eating? And has anyone heard any more details about his visit down here?

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  1. I think I heard Tom Fitzmorris say he was invited to be a guest? What ever that means.

    Would love to know where he is eating too.

    1. I just hope he doesn't end up at Mulate's, like Alton Brown.

      He seems like a Snake and Jake's kind of guy.

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      1. re: JGrey

        Alton Brown at Mulate's? For shame! Do his producers not research these things?

        I caught Bourdain's No Reservations in South Carolina recently, and it was pretty awesome. He's a guy who isn't snobbish about food as long as it tastes good, and he'll eat just about anything. All the while I was watching it, I was wishing he'd do the same for New Orleans. Glad to hear he's paying the city a visit. If he's got Tom Fitzmorris in his Rolodex, I doubt he'll be steered wrong.

        1. re: HalfShell

          The Alton Brown LA episodes were pretty lame, all the way around. Alligators, Mulate's, a cameraman in a sausage costume on the side of Airline Highway. Sad.

          I think that Tom F and Tony B are like mixing matter and explosion of some sorts is sure to result.

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            There's a meet and greet cocktail event at Zoe lounge in the W, tomorrow night. A lot of people were invited; I will be there. I guess it remains to be seen about TF dining with Bourdain. Some say they are going to Antoine's. Should be tres interesant.

      2. Remember the show he did a few years ago on N.O.? He made the restaurant people appear crazed & possessed (Jack Leonardi, Tee Eva and a loud alligator-frying swamp guide) before getting drunk and having Verti Marte deliver booze to his hotel room. It was entertaining, but I hope he can get a little more serious with some great restaurants, down-home & upscale.

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        1. re: Hungry4Good

          He was entertaining tonight at the open mic night where he appeared. Ranted on the usual suspects for a few minutes on stage and generally milled without pretention. It was a nice effort of the No Reservations group.

          I remember his older show when he ate on the truck at Jacques-Imos. Since then, I've only seen a very rare duo get to eat on the truck.

          1. re: Tututulane

            As it turned out, he ate at Jacques-Imos again last night. My roommate was seated next to him while I was on my way to check him out at Howlin' Wolf. She says he had a shrimp cheesecake.

            1. re: Adrienne

              Jacques-Imo's and (as reported elsewhere) a shepherd's pie at Vic's Kangaroo lounge? Sounds like even Alton Brown did a better job sniffing out good food, and he ate at Mulate's.

              1. re: Frolic

                Gag. What a dork. Bourdain is palate-less and has all the creativity of a piece of cardboard.

                1. re: Frolic

                  Vic's????? Of all the places in town, he goes to Vic's????? Sure, Vic's is fine, but.... Vic's?????

                  1. re: Frolic

                    How dull. In a city of food made of endtrails, that's what he chooses?

                    1. re: Tututulane

                      He and Fitzmorris had lunch at Antoine's.

                      1. re: Tonto

                        Now you guys know how us Clevelanders felt. He went to some of the worst places in town, that nobody who cares about good food goes to. It was really a disservice.

                        Lucky for you, your town is noteworthy and a desirable destination to many for lots of other reasons. Not so here in Cleveland, where the N.R. episode did nothing but help us look even more stupid in the eyes of the nation (world?).

                        My husband has never been to N.O. and I keep promising to take him. I'll tell you what. I'll bring him there if you guys bring your peeps here.

                        1. re: Tonto

                          And Don Link & his people had a party with him (that was filmed for the show).