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Sep 18, 2007 02:59 PM


We decided to try Gorikee for the first time last Friday night, since I'd read such good things about it on this board.

I saw on the online menu that they have a special between 5:00 and 6:00 (all dinners include salad and dessert), so we headed over at about 5:30, expecting a crowd.

When we walked in, there was NO ONE seated. There was a large party (obviously one family, all dressed up as though celebrating a special occasion) and they were just standing like we were, waiting for someone to seat us.

It was bizarre. We waited for a couple minutes (which seemed like forever), and never saw any staff, despite the fact that there were at least 10 people waiting in their tiny lobby area. We finally gave up and left; it was just too weird.

Maybe we missed a great dining opportunity, but I am always kind of leery if there is no one eating when I walk into a restaurant.

Am I the only one that has had this experience here?

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  1. They are never super crowded, but it's a hidden gem. I've never had to wait more than a few minutes for a table. I think it has to do with their location or because they don't advertise. I don't think you can get that quality of food for the price anywhere else.

    1. Yes, you missed a very tasty and affordable dining experience. Wish you'd had a bit more faith in your fellow 'hound's appraisals and stuck around. Don't feel bad, as the overall non-ambiance of that congested shopping center tends to keep the crowds from even getting as near as you almost did. The miniscule staff at Gorikee wears numerous hats apiece, lending a hand in the kitchen as needed. You won't find bored hostesses chatting on cell phones at the front door. If no one's out front, i guarantee they're in the kitchen assisting chef Tsuji...

      1. I disagree with everyone saying Gorikee is all that. I ate there and the portions were tiny and the curry chicken was bland. Don't see what all the hype is.

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        1. re: irishkevbo

          What hype? That some loyal patrons enjoy the food and prices and choose to share the info (usually, only in response to when a curious poster solicits opinions) instead of hoarding a hidden gem? Gorikee isn't an indian restaurant and the chef is japanese, so one is not going to find a vindaloo-type experience there. Your comment on the 'tiny' portions being too bland remind me of this Woody Allen classic line: "The food there is awful, and such small portions!"

          1. re: silence9

            To be fair, there are many raves about Gorikee on this board. And a curry sandwich should be flavorful no matter who cooks it, no?

            I gave it 2 tries and it was okay, but nothing to rave about.

            1. re: Snackish

              Fair enough. But to my mind, raves vs. hype are miles apart. Gorikee is barely a blip on the local culinary landscape, except when someone asks about it or when a new diner/convert chimes in... My point about the chef being japanese (with french culinary chops) was to point out that japanese curry (what I've experienced, anyway) tends to be mild in flavor compared to indian curries...

            2. re: silence9

              Maybe the wrong things are being ordered. In my opinion the best things on the menu are the complimentary soup, (I've had different ones each visit), the burger, fries and the crispy chicken (my personal fave).

              1. re: labs

                Yup, and the crunchy soft-shell crab appetizer with both the cilantro sauce and the miso-tamarind? sauce. And the non-creamy lobster bisque, when they have it...

                1. re: labs

                  I agree. Not every dish in every restaurant is a "hit it out of the park home run".

                  That said, my wife and I have enjoyed the salmon dish and the two chicken dishes immensely.

                  Now, I MUST make it back for this burger and fries I keep hearing about!

                  1. re: GK in SO

                    a half pounder with garlic, mango chuntney, and some swiss good stuff.

                    and fries,

                    not bad for 7 bucks. also, if you're there at dinner you can still special request the Wimpy Burger even though they don't usually serve it at dinner.

            3. Didn't have an experience like yours; but when I last went I could tell the restaurant's minimally staffed (at least on the front end).

              I did, however, enjoy my dining experience there. Everything from the garlic confit appetizer to the mango cheesecake was delish (and on dishes where garlic is featured, it was just the right amount--not overwhelmingly powerful like Stinking Rose).

              Too bad is so way out there -- but it's one of my tops to go if I ever pass by that area.


              1. Just went for lunch today. What's not to like? I had excellent crispy chicken and crab cake combo. Garlic fries are yummy too. For the price of a Coco's or Marie Callendar's or even cheaper, it's a super meal!