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Sep 18, 2007 02:43 PM

Ruth Chris Steak House's Creme Brulee!

So who else loves this stuff like I do?
I've only had it once and it is still lingering on my memory. Granted I should be remembering the steak, but that's not going to happen.

The texture was just soooooo velvety. Now I know creme brulee is supposed to be a thicker and denser texture, but I just fell in love with the silky melt-in-your-mouth of Ruth Chris's version of creme brulee!

For some reason I got thinking of it, and now I would like to ask the creme brulee queens and kings to post their favorite places in the city that serves the "best".

Almost everywhere else I have had it tastes the same or just "alright" to me. Nothing spectacular to take up memory space. I forget, but I've tried:

Commander's Palace - fairly decent but what I remember most is the fleur de lis stencil heh

Maurice French Bakery - the worst I've had so far (did I taste lard in it?? the sugar is not even carmelized)

La Madeleine's - probably my 2nd favorite, but the tart, although creative and equally yummy throws me off

Sheraton Hotel - my first time to have had creme brulee and I remember it being very very rich. It wasn't dense, but more of a very thick cream. I wouldn't mind having it again but since it was for a wedding, I don't know how to order it!

Bravo's - mediocre, not memorable

And of course, if I am missing out, please let me know. Maybe Ruth Chris's isn't the penultimate...


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  1. Frank Brigtsen's cafe au lait creme brulee is really, really good.
    Herbsaint's malted chocolate creme brulee...mmm.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      i tried a sample of my friend cafe a u lait brulee and it was damn good. good choice.

      the strawberry shortcake at brigsten's is not too shabby either, but now strawberry season has passed. oh, well.

    2. I agree Herbsaints malted chocolate creme brulee is amazing.