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Sep 18, 2007 02:40 PM

fun/ unusual tasting menu

Looking to do a tasting menu, leaning toward Italian. I know Babbo is the obvious and great choice here, but I was wondering if anyone could reccomend someplace a little more laid back and fun. I am doing Per Se for one night, but I was hoping to do something a bit off the beaten path. Does anyone have any suggestions for a tasting menu on the funkier side. I DO NOT want Asian food though. Money is not a concern, just want to keep it under $150 per person for food (no wine because I don't drink).

Thanks a lot.

P.S. I am willing to do Manhattan or Brooklyn.

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  1. L'Impero is definitely not funky, and it's a place that's more elegant than fun. However, new chef Michael White's contemporary Italian cuisine is superb, and there is a mult-course tasting menu. Dishes are selections from the a la carte menu, so you can look at that menu on the website and get an idea of what might be on the tasting. I don't remember the cost, but I'm pretty sure it does not exceed $150pp.

    1. Wen to babbo two months ago, was not impressed. Portions are revoltingly huge, and the pasta was sub par, either overcooked or under. Breaksticks are fantastic though and the bar is a nice place to sit.

      1. Babbo is actually very laid back and causal. Not sure what you meant by "funkier", but I think Babbo is a great choice with some unusal offerings (more offals and use of different ingredients). I have never been disappointed by their food.

        1. I meant just something that isn't the normal great food experience. Something like WD-50 or just something completely weird that you could only get in NY.

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            I hesitated to respond earlier and recommend WD-50 because I thought you were looking for more of an Italian tasting. I'm not a fan of WD-50, but the food is definately unusual and I'd recommend it for "something completely weird."

          2. Not exactly a complete meal per se, but you can try the tasting menu at P*ONG and the new Tailor (I am not sure if they have a tasting menu yet.).

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              Tailor has a $75 tasting menu, but since they insist you order it for the whole table, every diner getting the same dishes*, you are better off just ordering from the carte. Worked out cheaper for us, too.

              *I know that's not unusual, but Tailor only has six savory dishes on the menu.