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Sep 18, 2007 02:22 PM

Recipe emergency - macerated peaches in wine

Help. I saw a recipe somewhere in the last month in one of the food section newspapers or in a blog. It was for "macerated peaches" and it was peaches cut up and layered with wine. I can't remember what else was in it. It was supposed to sit for a bit.
I have the peaches (nectarines actually) and the wine and was figuring on this for tonight. Did anyone else see this?

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  1. If you are using red wine, try cutting up the peaches (no need to peel) and adding from a half to a whole bottle of wine, with just about 1/3 cup of superfine sugar. Get the pith out of some lemon peel or even orange peel if you have no lemons, and get that in the bowl as well. Cover and let sit for an hour.

    1. If you happen to have a sweet white wine, combine, using 6 parts wine, to one part sugar to make a sugar syrup, adding a vanilla bean or a cinnamon stick, a peppercorn and a whole clove. Simmer for about 7 or 8 minutes to reduce. Add the peaches, cook for 2 minutes more, (unpeeled) and let them sit in the liquid off the heat.

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        But if it's a macerated dish, should he really be cooking the peaches?

        1. re: Megiac

          I ended up punting and making my usual fruit syrup with mint for over the nextarines. It's driving me crazy that I can't find the recipe. I'm pretty sure it wasn't cooked and used white wine. Eventually I will find it. And may give these a whirl in the meantime -- there are still some good peaches around in our markets.

        2. re: fayehess

          If you're going to cook the peaches, you should use water and sugar (to make a "simple syrup"), not wine (which will evaporate).
          But poached fruit is very nice -- parrticularly pears, and in winter I'll make Deborah Madison's poached dried fruit -- excellent w/ an almond torte.

          1. re: NYchowcook

            the alcohol cooks out, but not the flavor from the wine. Wine is a delicious way to poach the fruit. And it's true that macerated fruit is typically not cooked, and but I find that that simmering fruit like peaches or plums just for a few minutes can help the whole thing on its way to deliciousness.
            One of my favorites is a red chianti, or dry white, two parts wine to two parts sugar with a little lemon peel (pith removed) reduced by half. Add the fruit, simmer for three minutes or not at all, and let sit. Poached fruit is actually cooking the fruit until it is softened, the way you would in a pie. I'm just talking about warming things up a little.

            1. re: fayehess

              I'm pretty sure the recipe I saw was not cooked, the peaches just were layered and sat in it for a while before serving. And the name I remember ("macerated peaches") didn't really make sense to me either because they really weren't macerated. I expect it will turn up eventually. (Meanwhile I've been nipping at the bottle of riesling I bought for this!)

              1. re: kary

                My mother used to, and now I do, make a simple dessert by slicing ripe peaches into quarter rounds right into a large goblet, pour red wine to cover. Let that stand for a few minutes then eat from the goblet. Even better with Prosecco or Sparkling Burgundy.