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Sep 18, 2007 02:07 PM

Best place to buy kitchen/bakewear in Seattle?


I recently moved to Queen Anne Hill and have been trying to get my apartment set up with all the essentials...

Do you have suggestions for places to buy things for the kitchen like glass baking dish, possibly a food processor, etc?

Cost is more important than proximity--I can drive to other neighborhoods, and would prefer not to spend a bundle at places like Williams-Sonoma!


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  1. I like Sur La Table. I think that their prices beat Williams-Sonoma. It would be hard not too.

    1. Since you are close to downtown I recommend Macy's. Keep an eye open for sales. That's where I purchased my food processor a couple of years ago.

      1. City Kitchens is often cheaper than Sur La Table for the same items.

        1. I'm on Queen Anne, too! Welcome to neighborhod.

          I like Sur La Table also and I find myself at City Kitchens (downtown) and Mrs. Cooks (UVillage) more often than my wallet (and kitchen storage space) would like (watch for infrequent but good sales at both locations. And I second the Macy's idea, they do have good sales.

          I have however found much of my kitchen equipment at various locations in the ID and at the restaurant supply stores - I usually try Dick's and Bargreen Ellingson, both in SODO.
          If price, convenience and availability are your main concern, you can't beat shopping online. And once you've done your research you may find that the big box stores have the model that you want - Fred Meyer or Target.


          1. Costco's an option.