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Best place to buy kitchen/bakewear in Seattle?


I recently moved to Queen Anne Hill and have been trying to get my apartment set up with all the essentials...

Do you have suggestions for places to buy things for the kitchen like glass baking dish, possibly a food processor, etc?

Cost is more important than proximity--I can drive to other neighborhoods, and would prefer not to spend a bundle at places like Williams-Sonoma!


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  1. I like Sur La Table. I think that their prices beat Williams-Sonoma. It would be hard not too.

    1. Since you are close to downtown I recommend Macy's. Keep an eye open for sales. That's where I purchased my food processor a couple of years ago.

      1. City Kitchens is often cheaper than Sur La Table for the same items.

        1. I'm on Queen Anne, too! Welcome to neighborhod.

          I like Sur La Table also and I find myself at City Kitchens (downtown) and Mrs. Cooks (UVillage) more often than my wallet (and kitchen storage space) would like (watch for infrequent but good sales at both locations. And I second the Macy's idea, they do have good sales.

          I have however found much of my kitchen equipment at various locations in the ID and at the restaurant supply stores - I usually try Dick's and Bargreen Ellingson, both in SODO.
          If price, convenience and availability are your main concern, you can't beat shopping online. And once you've done your research you may find that the big box stores have the model that you want - Fred Meyer or Target.


          1. Costco's an option.

            1. City Kitchens is having their annual sale right now and they have some really good deals going on, you can get even better deals if you have their coupon insert from the newspaper a couple of weeks ago.


              1. City Kitchens is a great store and they usually have good sales. Macy's often has pretty good sales as well.

                If you really want the cheap goods you might want to take a look at Tuesday Morning and Ross out by Northgate. You can find really cheap prices on some pretty nice glassware, pans, etc. It's kind of hit or miss on what they have in stock but I have even seen commercial knives from Meyer and nice stainless steel cookware at Tuesday Morning.

                I have also found some great deals at amazon.com on things like cutting boards and glassware.

                1. Just around the corner from Beecher's in the Market is a Sur La Table.

                  1. I echo the recommendation of City Kitchens. Their prices always beat Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma. Until September 30 they are having their annual sale where everything is at least 20% off their regular (low) prices. Plus, they are an independent, locally owned store.

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                      Thanks for the reminder about City Kitchens. We are moving to Seattle and I am trying to compile a list of local stores for myself.

                      Of course, whatever they are today, mustn't forget that Sur La Table started as a local store in Seattle

                      the future for City Kitchens?

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                        There's a tiny kitchenware/cheese/gourmet store in Wallingford also, Bella Cosa, worth visiting (across from the Safeway on 45th)

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                          Just so no one is confused, it's across-ish from QFC on 45th. About 1/2 block west of Wallingford Avenue on the south side of 45th.

                    2. go to bargreens. awesome used stuff too. that's where the chefs go. it is in SODO on 1st ave.

                      retail prices at sur la table? are you kidding?

                      1. I agree with everyone's recommendation to visit City Kitchens for the variety and informative staff. They are competitively priced with Sur La Table, but their sales are often more than worth it. If you have the means, I'd suggest checking out the outlet mall near Tulalip. There's a Calphalon store and more importantly, a Le Creuset outlet. I also love to check out Crate and Barrel and even Ikea!

                        1. I second the recommendation of Bargreens. I recently got a box of six German crystal wine glasses there for about $21 or so, which is probably a third the price at SLT or WS. Also, it's the only place I've been to that has carbon steel frying/saute pans. They also have their own brand nonstick pans. Niced folks, besides. I also like City Kitchens. Everything in the store right now is at least 20% off through the end of the month.

                          1. I heartily recommend City Kitchens, my favorite kitchen store. They are a sole proprietor (not a chain) and carry a wonderful array of products and their bi-yearly sales are not to be missed. I have returned items with no problems and found the staff to be very knowledgable and helpful (embarrassingly, several now recognize me). Though I enjoy Sur La Table, City Kitchens is a step above IMO.