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Sep 18, 2007 01:51 PM

Fresh/Free Range Turkey

I know that this may seem a little early but I was thinking about Turkeys recently. My mother asked me the big question..."What are you doing for Thanksgiving?" So I thought that if I was going to go I would like to buy a fresh/natural/free range turkey to bring. I know how quickly some of the other local poultry sells out so I thought I would try to get a head start. Does anyone have any experiences with any local sources for turkeys?

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  1. This is their first year, so I haven't tried it yet, but Stillman's is offering Thanksgiving turkeys from their farm. You probably can get more info off of their website, or go to the Farmer's Market at Copley Tuesdays and Fridays and talk to Aidan about it. Last year we did a fresh free-range from Whole Foods already brined and it was excellent.

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      Actually it's their second year - we had a Stillman's turkey last year and it was great. BFP should probably chime in about how he prepared it - he does the Alton Brown brine. Last year I think Stillman's had only free-range "conventional" turkeys; this year they're doing at least one heritage breed as well. We've also had excellent luck with fresh turkeys from WF in the past.

    2. If you don't mind the cost, Wilson Farms always has an impressive selection of specialty turkeys (I always think it should be spelled "turkies").

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        Yes, as does Tendercrop Farm on Rte. 1A in Newbury. Orders are being taken now.

      2. 7 Acres Farm in North Reading, not far from 93, usually does a good job (and they have great, fresh eggs and turkey and chicken pies).

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          Love the turkey cutlets from 7 Acres. I did have one of their fresh turkeys years ago- it was really good- fresh, but not free range.

        2. Owens poultry farm in Needham does a great job, and I'm pretty sure their turkeys are natural, but I'm not sure about free-range.

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