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Atlanta/Buckhead area: Specific dinner ideas needed

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Some friends and I are coming to Atlanta in three weeks to do the 3 day Breast Cancer walk. We're staying in Buckhead after the walk is over. This will be on a Sunday night. We will be extremely tired and not looking to get too dressed up (most likely our decent shoes won't fit or feel too good)! Business, casual attire is ok. Two of us are chowhounds, the others are not. I would like to find someplace where we can feel relaxed and enjoy a good, well earned dinner where we can perhaps linger a bit over drinks first and then eat at a leisurely pace. Ideally, the type of food would be either something we can't find easily here in South Florida or just someplace where the food quality and service is worthy of our one night out in Atlanta. I've been following this board for some ideas; and there are plenty of places that sound great for a time when I return to Atlanta and can really do up the town right; but for this one night, any thoughts? TIA

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  1. Try Buckhead Diner for a great meal and casual atmosphere. The banana cream pie is amazing!

    1. Antica Posta in Buckhead proper.

      Woodfire Grill..not Buckhead but not too far away, if you have a car.

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        I second Woodfire Grill. It was the first thing that came to mind based on your description. Enjoy!

      2. I was going to suggest Woodfire Grill also.
        Antica Posta is great too, I have always enjoyed Anis, these are in Buckhead.

        1. Buckhead Diner or Tavern at Phipps.

          1. Where are you staying and will you have transportation? Having done the 3-day a couple of years ago, know you won't want to do much traveling for dinner after you finish.

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              The JW Marriott, and yes, we'll have a car. This is my 4th 3 day; so I agree that too much travel isn't desirous. The suggestions here so far, all sound good. Any other ideas?

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                If you want REALLY convenient, Houston's is always good. Seriously. It's a chain, but they simply do things right. Not the most exciting food (I still think Woodfire Grill is the best choice), but it will keep you happy. Literally across the street from the JW.

            2. Houston's is a great, comfortable spot and right across the street from your hotel if you get back and are really, really wiped out (nice, big glasses of wine and good food/service). Woodfire Grill is also really good and just down Lenox/Cheshire Bridge from your hotel (about a 10 min. drive). Another suggestion for a casual, comfortable night out is a restaurant called "Haven," which is just up Peachtree Rd. in Brookhaven. Great menu, great service and nice wine menu (think their website is www.havenrestaurant.com). If the weather is still nice, they have a great patio as well. Buckhead Diner, which has gotten a few mentions, is also great comfort food and not very far away either. Most of these places you can go in very casual clothes/shoes and fit right in. Good luck with the walk and enjoy the weekend! You'll have an amazing journey.

              1. Buckhead Diner is great experience--easier to find than Woodfire.Woodfire is excellent,but may be a bit more formal than the poster wantsIf you go to the Diner have the blue cheese chips,and I love the veal meat loaf,i know it sounds bad but its very good.By the way it's not really a diner as I remember from the Bronx,its just a throwback name

                1. I second Haven. It's fancy food, but the waitstaff is in white button-down shirts and jeans. Very casual elegance - fantastic food but still with a TV over the bar playing sports, so you don't feel you have to dress up. Nice patio, but inside is bright and relaxed. Great wine selection. Nice use of seasonal ingredients. No, it's not across the street like Houston's, which is consistently good but still a chain and dark dark dark inside like an old-fashioned steakhouse. And you can't make reservations at Buckhead Diner, so you'd have to stand around waitinng for a table, which is the last thing you want. Haven will give you a memorable dining experience without worrying what you look like.