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Sep 18, 2007 01:23 PM

the single guy in fort greene - hot tips on take-out?

hi all... i'm new to fort greene. i've been browsing through all of the older posts on things like pizza and chinese food in the area, but i'm wondering what's particularly good in the take-out world these days! i know there are some new places that have opened up (like that little place right next to smoke joint) and i'm wondering how they rate next to the old stand-bys (that might have gone down-hill) ?

pizza? chinese? thai? salads? sandwiches/wraps? greek? indian?

what do you crave these days in the 'hood when you just can't be bothered to cook or "go out" ?

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  1. for pizza and simple pasta, I like Graziella's on Vanderbilt (DeKalb). Welcome to the 'hood.

    1. Zaytoons on Myrtle is incredible Middle Eastern...and cheap! Kum Kao, also on Myrtle is not bad chinese. Choice Market on Lafayette has amazing samdwiches, etc, as does the little french place on the corner of Dekalb and Vanderbilt. For Greek, Teddy's on Washington Ave is great but it's in Prospect Heights so maybe that's too far. Good Luck!

      1. Sushi D is good, although sometimes it's better than other times. I think it's the best sushi in the area, and pretty inexpensive. Castro's is the best Mexican place--located on Myrtle between Grand and Ryerson. They only deliver within an 8 block radius but it's more than worth taking a walk over there.

        We pretty much alternate delivery between Sushi D, Castro's and Zaytoons.