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Sep 18, 2007 01:03 PM

Ideas for fresh and wonderful ricotta?

Hi ~

I picked up a container of fresh ricotta at our farmers' market, and don't know what to do with it. I've used ricotta in lasagna before, but this is really good stuff and I need a dish that features it.


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  1. Well, you could just eat it as is, with some honey, toasted nuts and fruit.

    But if that seems too plain, try any of these:

    Pizza bianca
    Orecchiette with fresh peas and ricotta (cook the pasta, toss with the blanched peas and sautéed onions, stir in ricotta - thin with pasta water if needed - until it coats the pasta like a sauce. add fresh mint and basil)

    1. I was going to suggest just eating it too! I recently got my hands on some glorious homemade ricotta, and took a small container of it to work for breakfast everyday until it was gone. I added tiny, tart gooseberries and a drizzle of honey. Oh my goodness gracious, that was a delicious week.

      You could also make blintzes. Fill crepes with ricotta and top with a nice, homemade fruit sauce or compote and a little powdered sugar.

      My recipe for lasagna features ricotta very prominently. I use spicy Italian sausage to make the meat sauce, and I use it sparingly to showcase the ricotta layer. And for the cheese layer I put a large container of good ricotta in the food processor with a beaten egg, a generous handful of romano, and another generous handful of whole basil leaves, salt and pepper. I pulse that all together until the cheese is flecked with little green specks. Mix together some grated mozarella and parmesan or romano, and get to layering. The egg in the ricotta makes the layer puff up gorgeously.

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        As an alternative to lasagna, I make the manicotti from of the Rao's cookbook. It uses homemade crepes instead of pasta which keep the dish very light and fresh.

      2. Since the best part of lasagna and manicotti is the cheese- I have often just made the cheese filling (ricotta, mozzarella, a bit of sugar and eggs) and baked in oven. It's like a savory ricotta pie! Douse with a tiny bit of fresh marinara and I am in HEAVEN!