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Sep 18, 2007 12:40 PM

vegan soups

I am in search of vegan soups. Am interested in items such as pear/sweet potato curry soups that I see in creative lunch spots.

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  1. I just tried a lovely lentil curry with sweet potato recipe this weekend, also has's more of a stew than soup but you can easily add more vegetable broth to achieve soup-like you think you would like it?

    1. Curried apple and zucchini soup is one of my fall favourites.

      I sub in vegetable stock for the chicken, of course.

      1. alton brown's curried split pea soup is incredibly easy and absurdly good... just sub olive oil/veg stock for the butter/chicken stock:

        for how simple it is, and how few ingredients, it's really something special.

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          Making vegan soups is easy. whatever veggies you want peeled and put in veg brother, then about 2 teaspoons of curry let all the veggies soften then blend.

        2. I would check out Deborah Madison's books, especially Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone. Although primarily vegetarian in scope she takes vegan requirements into account for most of the recipes and has an entire section devoted to stocks and soups.

          IMHO, much much superior to anything by Alton Brown or Food Network (the current batch anyway) folk in general...