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Sep 18, 2007 12:36 PM

"Cooking Matters" Down town Nashua-Excellent scones

Iam curious if anyone else on here has tried the scones at "Cooking Matters " in downtown Nashua? I was in there a week or so ago and had the best peach laden scone ever! The scone had peach preserves and fresh cut up peaches baked into it. I knew i was going to have a god day after i had that, it was still warm from the oven, at the same visit i also bought an apple turnover that was also still warm, of course my idea of eating the turnover later, went out the window, i think i had eaten it before i got home! .Its a great establishment with salds, sandwiches, a nice selction of cheese, a new addition of several types of olives, some usual and some unusual oils, sauces, condiments, pastas, spices, teas, jams, jellies etc etc etc . It's worth a visit if you havent already been there! Oh, it's at 97 Main Street.{ i just looked it up}

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    1. re: momofdougie

      thanks for the tip on the soups, i seem to always gravitate there earlier in the day, although i have had sandwiches later in the day there. i'll have to try the soups now that its getting to be more like soup weather!

    2. I agree, the scones are awesome. I spent some time in Nashua and frequently went to Cooking Matters. I don't get there too often, but when I do, the scones are a must. The sandwiches, salads and soups are wonderful as well.