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Sep 18, 2007 12:23 PM

Vegetarian Birthday Dinner and Dessert

I am planning a birthday dinner and was thinking about the tasting menu at Crave. Seems like they are very accommodating and they have received pretty solid marks across the interweb. Unfortunately when I search for Crave on Chowhound, not much turns up in regards to the restaurant, only people looking for something else. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Also, if we do go to Crave, I'm considering skipping the dessert course and heading to a second venue for dessert and a cocktail. Any suggestions for something in the same hood, or back in Park Slope? I'm not too concerned with cost, just want a great meal to celebrate.

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  1. when i go to Palo Santo with my vegan friend she usally leaves pretty damn happy. As do, i i think that the food is wonderful there.

    1. For dessert I would recommend going to Downtown Atlantic on Atlantic Avenue between Bond and Hoyt. Excellent homemade desserts - cheesecakes, cookies, cupcakes, tarts and pies.