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Sep 18, 2007 12:13 PM

Wine Courses

Does anyone know of Westside area wine shops that offer courses to learn more about wine and how to spot and pick good ones? I have heard Larchmont Wine and Cheese has a good one but its a bit far from me to be able to go when I would want to.

Anything helps, thanks!

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  1. these people are the best, and have classes in LA

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      And KCRW members get a discount at Learn About WIne...yippee!

      1. It's not a wine shop but LA School of Wine (near Century City) has a great introductory 6 weeks wine courses. I took it last year and learned a lot about wine and how to pick good wine. We tasted 16-20 different kinds of wine every week, and for $40 per class, it's fantastic value as some of the wines served are rare or expensive.