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Sep 18, 2007 11:48 AM

FN Female Chefs' Spousal Mentionitis

Okay - I'm half kidding but geesh. I always work with FN on in the background. Rachel's been on for 15 minutes and I swear she's mentioned her "honey" 4 times. Paula, GDL, Rachel, Ina, even Sandra's nieces get a lot of mention. I don't hear male chefs doing this. Basta!

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  1. Booby mentions Stephanie quite frequently.

    1. Subtext for women chefs:: "see I cook for my man".
      Subtext for men chefs: "see I'll cook for you ladies".

      1. My dear, it's not just the FN women. Why do(so many) women feel the constant need to refer to their "hubby?" and they usually use that gross (imho) generic term. Do they feel their husband defines who they are? If not, why not talk about their own accomplishments or attributes?