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Sep 18, 2007 11:19 AM

Simchat Torah - restaurant reservations NYC

Does any one know of any kosher restaurants in manhattan (prefer upper west or east sides) that are taking pre-paid reservations for simchat torah holiday weekend. (This year october 3 - 6)

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  1. If you are unsuccessful in finding a restaurant that is both kosher and opened on Yom Tov and still need a place to eat you can always try to contact the local Chabad. They should be able to accommodate you or at least guide you.

    1. Darna - (212) 721-9123 - columbus and 89th

      Mike's Bistro - 212-799-3911 (definitely open) - 72nd btwn broadway and west end

      Levana - 69th off of Broadway - (212) 877-8457

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      1. re: bigredesq

        Thank you. FYI, darna is definitely open too, however levana is not.

        1. re: cuzinduzin

          I dined in Mike's Bistro for simchas tora dinner a few years back and found it to be a fun time, with excellent and abundant food.

          1. re: abu applesauce

            Was mike there going around to tables like he is during the week?